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Village of Inman Proceedings (05-16-2024)

May 14, 2024 (0)

Meeting minutes for the May 6, 2024 regular monthly Village of Inman Board of Trustees.  The meeting was called to order by Nicole Campbell, Chairperson at 7:30 pm. Roll was taken. Board members present were Niclole Campbell, Kyle Campbell, and Randy Keil. Board members absent were Sherryl Sawyer. Also present was Clerk, Gwenda Decker-Sterns. In the audience were Mike Strope and son, Holly Keil and Jerry and Becky Stamp. No additions or corrections were made to the agenda.  

Chairperson Nicole Campbell asked if there were any comments from the audience noting Mike Strope and his son were there to present a bid for repair of the west library wall using different materials than the previous. No audience members had comments regarding agenda items.  

The consent agenda compiled of the minutes from the previous meeting, current bills to be paid and the Treasurers report were accepted with the correction of the date of the town meeting being held on the 29th instead of the 22nd of April as stated in the minutes. Nicole Campbell made a motion to accept the minutes as written with the correction of the meeting date in the meeting minutes. Kyle Campbell seconded the motion. None opposed. Motion carried.    

Nicole presented a bid from Mathison Heating and Air, LLC for removal and replacement of the Community Center furnace and air conditioning unit for $48,256.00. It was determined additional bids were needed. An ad will be placed in the local newspaper for bids for the removal and replacement of the heating and air conditioning unit.  

The sewer connection for the new resident in Inman continues to be on hold due to the amount of ground water around the possible connection.  

Mike Strope presented the Board with an additional bid for repairing the building. The bid was for $12,250.35.  Mike then also suggested he would be interested in purchasing the building for his personal use. The Board will discuss this option as there has been another person interested in purchasing the property also.  

Kyle discussed the need to have the library assessed for asbestos and will contact a company currently in the area for a bid. An ad will be placed in the local newspaper for bids for the demolition and the removal of the library.  

Also discussed was the need for the removal of 4-6 trees which are in the right of way and the safety of the surrounding area appears to be questionable should the trees fall.  An ad will be placed in the local newspaper for bids for the needed tree removal.  

Also discussed was the mowing and baling of the south park. An ad will be placed in the local newspaper for mowing the park.  

It has been decided a roll off for the community is not an option this Spring due to the inappropriate dumping in the past.   

Bills approved by the Board are as follows: NPPD $930.56 electricity, K & M Telephone $85.52, telephone and internet service, One Source One Solution $78.02 office supplies, Dana Cole and Company, LLP $00.00 accounting services, Lazy T $66.61 mower parts, Bomgaars $26.77 spray paint, Waste Connection $1,119.02  trash pick-up, O'Neill Shopper $97.74 publishing/advertising, Galyen, Boettcher, Baier $455.00 legal services, Personnel Concepts $118.06 NE compliance poster, Holt County Independent $251.01 publishing/advertising, Gerald D. Ferris $4,075 work done during the 2019 flood, payroll $706.47.  

Treasurers Report: Streets $26,648.76, Sewer $21,839.74, General $48,157.02 and Reserve $8,916.99.  

The meeting was adjourned at 7:56 pm. The next meeting of the Village of Inman Board of Trustees will be held June 3, 2024 at 7:30 pm at the Village of Inman Community Hall.  

-s- Gwenda Decker-Sterns Clerk 

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Village of Inman Proceedings (05-16-2024)

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