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St. Mary's Girls Winning Going Into Conference

Jan 25, 2023 (0)

The St. Mary's girls traveled to Santee and Bassett last week to face the Warriors and Knights like the Cardinal boys. The girls absolutely crushed their competition.

In the first match on Tuesday, the girls faced the Santee Warriors. This was a completely one-sided game, with the Cardinals winning by almost three times the amount of points. No quarter scores were submitted for this match, but the final score was 65-25.

The Card's top scorer was Lorissa Reiman with 18 points, shooting eight of 12 two-pointers for 67 percent, as well as 10 rebounds; Alissa Brabec 18 points and two rebounds; Mya Hedstrom 14 points and six rebounds; Hope Williamson seven points and four rebounds; Gracie Williamson five points and five rebounds; Annabelle Barlow two points and three rebounds; and Lily Bauer one point and two rebounds.

The Cardinals then traveled to Bassett on Saturday to face off with the Knights, and this game was much of the same to the previous. 

This match, unlike the boys game against the Knights, was not close at all. The game also ended with the Cardinals scoring almost three times more than their opponent again. No quarter scores were recorded for this game either, however the final score was 55-21.

Hedstrom leads the Cards this time with 17 points shooting six of 10 two-pointers for 60 percent, as well as five rebounds; Brabec 15 points; Reiman 10 points and nine rebounds; G. Williamson nine points and eight rebounds; H. Williamson two points and four rebounds; and Barlow two points and three rebounds. 


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