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St. Mary's Boys Having Mixed Results Recently

Jan 25, 2023 (0)

The St. Mary's boys basketball team had some traveling to do last week. On Tuesday they visited Santee to face off with the Warriors, and a few days later on Saturday traveled to Bassett to take on the North Central Knights. 

The first matchup against the Warriors could've gone better for the Cardinals, but it also could've been worse. No individual quarter scores were recorded for this game, however the final score was 62-87 in favor of the Warriors.

The top player was Gage Hedstrom with 21 points, shooting nine of 19 two-pointers for 49 percent accuracy, as well as eight rebounds;  Isaac Everitt 12 points and seven rebounds; Carson Dannenbring 12 points and six rebounds; Dalton Alder nine points and four rebounds; Sam Barlow five points and six rebounds; Risken Dawson two points and five rebounds; and Wyatt Scofield one rebound. 

The boys next match against the Knights was much more smooth for the Cardinals. From the start the Cards made a good impression, putting up 17 and holding the Knights  to only eight; not even half the points. Quarter two the Knights bounced back with a four point set win, but the Cards still had them pinned down by five. 

The next quarter pretty much cemented a Cardinal victory. They sunk the Knights by an additional eight points. The Knights weren't willing to give up yet, though, and they put forth a strong final quarter. However, the Cards had taken too much of a lead and the Knights let this close match slip from their fingers 46-52.

Hedstrom leads the Cards again with 17 points, shooting one of two three-pointers for 50 percent and five of 11 two-pointers for 45 percent, as well as six rebounds. Everitt 16 points and six rebounds; Barlow six points and Dannenbring five points and one rebound; Dawson four points and four  rebounds; and Alder four points and two rebounds.  

SMHS      17       12      11      12       52

NCHS       8       16       3     19      46


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