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St. Mary's Girls Suffer First Loss Of Season

Dec 21, 2022 (0)

Cardinal Mya Hedstrom goes up for a shot against a swarm of Summerland Bobcat defenders in Tuesday night's game at St. Mary's.

The Lady Cardinals were on an absolute roll this opening 2022 season, but they had finally met their match recently when they encountered the Summerland Bobcats.

The first of their matches, however, brought them to Neligh to face off with the Warriors. No quarter scores were recorded for this match, but the final score was 65-19, giving the Cardinals a jaw-dropping 41 point advantage over the Warriors by the end!

Mya Hedstrom easily led with a staggering 29 points, shooting one of one three-pointers for 100% and 12 of 13 two-pointers for 92%, as well as nine rebounds; Alissa Brabec 17 points and one rebound; Hope Williamson six points and six rebounds; Lorissa Reiman six points and four rebounds; Annabelle Barlow three points and one rebound; Gracie Williamson two points and two rebounds. Ryanne Pistulka two points and one rebound; and Lily Bauer one rebound.

In the Cardinal's next game, they were pitted against the Summerland Bobcats on Monday. This match marks the first this season that the lady Cards have lost, still leaving them with a solid 4-1 win/loss ratio.

The beginning looked promising for the Cards, taking an early lead by a couple of points. Quarter two turned things around, with the Bobcats soaring in and taking over the game.

The rest of the match was more or less same- the Cards falling behind in each quarter by just a few points. This was no landslide victory, proving that with just a few less errors committed and some stronger plays, this one could've gone to the Cardinals.

Hedstrom takes the lead again with 14 points, shooting five of 14 two-pointers for 36 percent, as well as seven rebounds; Hope Williamson 11 points and five rebounds; Brabec nine points and three rebounds; Reiman five points and 12 rebounds; Gracie Williamson one point and two rebounds; and Barlow two rebounds.

SMH     11 10 8 11 40

SMLND 9 14 13 13 49

The St. Mary's Lady Cardinal's next match is scheduled to take place next week on Thursday, Dec. 29.


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