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O'Neill Fire Department Happenings

Jul 26, 2023 (0)

O'Neill Girl Scouts Generosity - The O'Neill Girl Scouts recently presented the O'Neill Fire Department with some girl Scout Cookies for all the good things the department does for the community.
House Fire - The O'Neill Fire Department was called to a house fire at 325 S. 1st Street in O'Neill. The fire was in the attic of the house. O'Neill Firemen vented the roof by cutting holes to let the smoke and heat out. The cause of the fire was electrical in nature and was investigated by the O'Neill Fire Department.
Life Net Training - The O'Neill Fire Department held a training with Life Net on Monday evening on how to set up a landing site for the medical helicopter and how to properly approach and help the crew load patients onto the craft for transport. Life Net usually lands at the hospital helicopter pad but on occasion Life Net is needed to be called to the scene of an incident for direct transport to a trauma center in a bigger city. Pictured are O'Neill Firemen listening to the flight crew talk about the aircraft and their capabilities for treating and transporting patients.


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