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Nebraska Chamber Visiting At Handlebend On Friday

Aug 16, 2023 (0)

Friday, August 18 marks the day the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry will be making a stop at the Handlebend Building here in O'Neill. Who are they exactly? They are a team committed to growing Nebraska's economy and helping businesses to reach their fullest potential.

The NE Chamber travels all around Nebraska to visit with business leaders and government figures in order to enhance the community they serve. 

They recently teamed up with the Lincoln Chamber of Commerce and Greater Omaha Chamber to deliver a highly-anticipated keynote about the nation's workforce and business needs. 

This week they have their sights set on O'Neill. Starting from noon, and running through 1:30 p.m., this is the best opportunity for any business, no matter how big or small, to listen to important issues regarding their organization. 

The meeting is hosted by the O'Neill Chamber of Commerce. Visit to learn more about the NE Chamber and their dedication to helping out local businesses in your area.

From the official NE Chamber website "Who We Are" section:

"Our members are current and future corporate citizens and mainstreet businesses. They hire local people, invest, buy goods and services, pay taxes that support local schools and government, donate to charity and encourage volunteerism. They operate here because Nebraska offers a good quality of life, access to national transportation networks, a growth-oriented business climate, a skilled and hardworking workforce, a low cost of living, great schools, and more.

At the NE Chamber, we pride ourselves on advocating to sustain and enhance that environment. We are the largest, broad-based business association in Nebraska.

Our members represent more than 400 different types of businesses in more than 150 communities across the state.

Over 60 local chambers of commerce and dozens of state trade and professional associations have joined our work to keep businesses successful and our communities growing. 

The mission of the Nebraska Chamber of Commerce & Industry is to promote and protect Nebraska's free enterprise system by ensuring a competitive business climate, economic growth and greater prosperity for all Nebraskans.

We are a trusted partner to our members. We deliver market and workforce growth, as well as tax, legislative, and regulatory solutions that address the challenges of owning and growing a modern-day business."


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