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Evergreen Adds Mural With Local Flavor

May 11, 2022 (0)

Mural depicting an early 20th century scene was recently finished at the O'Neill Evergreen by artist David Reiser.
David Reiser takes a moment to touch up his work at the Evergreen. Reiser took over two weeks to complete this part of his work at the entrance to the newer Independent Living Apartments.

The Evergreen Assisted Living Residence in O'Neill got a bit of a facelift from renowned artist David Reiser. 

Reiser who has local ties to the area from Boyd County is actually from Columbus. Reiser knew at an early age that his calling was to art. "I worked at my art for years. I did try college but through practice and work, I developed my craft."

"I have enjoyed creating art since I was a child. Art is a journey of seeing, learning, and sharing; each new work inspires the next. Over my 25 years of creating professional work nationally and internationally, I have been blessed to share my passion with many clients, family members, and friends. My focus has been, and continues to be, commissioned work. Exploring the possibilities for a painting, mural, etc. with my clients is one of the best parts of the entire process," said Reiser.

"I do all kinds of work including portraits, still life and landscapes but 90 percent of the work I do are murals. I have done work at 20 Bass Pro Shops in the U.S. and Canada. I have also done work at 25 schools throughout the U.S."

Marv and Dee Fritz, operators of the Evergreen Assisted Living & Independent Apartments, looked about a year before Dave was suggested by Steve Reiser his cousin. Dave was asked to paint a mural that captured the feel of O'Neill and the area which manifested itself in the scene of the O'Neill Train Depot and a sandhills grazing scene. The canvas chosen by the Fritzs' was the south side entrance to their new Independent Living Apartments.

The mural is quite a fantastic work depicting the O'Neill train depot at possibly the turn of the century from the perspective of looking east with a paperboy and a man standing next to the locomotive. The number painted on the nose of the locomotive is where Reiser took a little artistic improv putting his aunt Arlene Oberle's room number at the Evergreen.

Although this first part took Reiser two weeks he said he will be back to fill in more of the story.

"Whether we are revisiting a familiar subject or embarking on an entirely new one, it's exciting and rewarding to create each new piece. I am often asked, "What's your favorite work of art you've created?" My answer is always, "The one I'm about to paint." I aspire to tell a story with one image that will capture your attention and hold it for years," said Reiser.


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