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Eagles Have Many Close Calls

Dec 20, 2023 (0)

MVP EAGLE DREW MORROW (11) - leaps toward the basket while Wayne players look on. Morrow crossed 1,000 career points during this match.
CAREER MILESTONE - Drew Morrow and his family hold up the sign congratulating him on his reaching over 1,000 career points. Photo Courtesy

After a few tough defeats, the O'Neill Eagle boys basketball team got their break last week when they invited Pierce Tuesday, Dec. 12. They won 60-38 against the visitor.

Quarter one was a perfect opener for the Eagles, putting up 16 while holding down the Bluejays to nothing. The next did no favors for the Bluejays, falling an additional six points.

The third quarter saw another three points up for the Eagles, but the Bluejays managed to take quarter four 13-10. The Eagles still took the win in the end, 60-38.

Drew Morrow put up 21 points, shooting three of six three-pointers for 50 percent and five of eight two-pointers for 63 percent. Morrow also had three rebounds and two steals; Turner Heiss had 14 points, seven rebounds and one steal; Trevor Alder  10 points and one rebound; Colton Osborne seven points, seven rebounds and two steals; Ryder Pokorny six points, one rebound and one steal; Porter Mathews two points and one rebound; Grant Dusatko one rebound and one steal; and Jackson Larsen one rebound.

OHS     16      21     13      10       60

PHS        0      15      10      13        38 

Unfortunately for the Eagles, their victory would be cut short just two days later. They visited the Summerland Bobcats and lost in a close 45-40 match.

This was a back-and-forth game,but the Eagles drew first blood when they took quarter one, 14-9. The Bobcats upped their game in the second and beat the Eagles by one point.

The Eagles realized this was a problem and took control back with their five-point win in quarter three. Realizing this was their final shot, the Bobcats let loose and dominated fourth quarter, managing to put the game in their favor. They put up 19 while holding the Eagles to only five. This allowed them to take the win right from under the Eagles' feet.

Osborne took first with 14 points, shooting seven of nine two-pointers for 78 percent. Osborne also had eight rebounds and two steals; Morrow had 12 points, seven rebounds and four steals; Heiss 12 points, five rebounds and two steals;  Mathews two points, eight rebounds and one steal; Pokorny two rebounds and one steal; and Alder two rebounds.

OHS     14       6      15        5       40

SHS        9       7      10       19      45

After another two-day break, the boys would again travel, this time to Wayne to take on the Blue Devils. This was another close match, but the Eagles couldn't see it through and fell 51-44 in the end.

Quarter one was a promising start for the Eagles, winning 9-8. The next quarter spelled doom for the Eagles, with Blue Devils trampling them 18-4.

This game was far from lost, however, as in the third quarter the Eagles came back with a major 17-6  to mostly even the score. Unfortunately for the Eagles, they chocked in the final and fell by five points. It was close, but the Blue Devils took the win 51-44.

Morrow was MVP with 14 points, shooting two of four two-pointers for 50 percent. Morrow also had seven rebounds and three steals; Pokorny had seven points, five rebounds and two steals; Mathews six points and four rebounds; Osborne five points and eight rebounds; Alder five points, two rebounds and two steals; Heiss four points and six rebounds; and Dusatko three points and one rebound.

OHS       9       4       17       14       44

WHS      8      18      6        19       51

This match marked an important milestone in Drew Morrow's career, as he hit his 1,000 point basket during the game! Congratulations and good luck going forward Morrow!


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