Eagles Have Many Close Calls

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Eagle Girls Have Mixed Results

Dec 20, 2023 (0)

O'NEILL'S OLIVIA YOUNG (4) looks for an opening while Wayne defenders crowd around during Saturday's game.

The O'Neill Eagle girls have been improving over the past few weeks, and on Tuesday, Dec. 12 they hosted the Pierce Bluejays and took them down 45-42. 

The first quarter was close, but the Bluejays nudged the Eagles out by just a single point. Quarter two was another victory over the Eagles, leaving them trailing by six points now.

Things weren't looking great for the Eagles, but third quarter gave them hope. They kicked things into high gear and took the quarter 16-14. The final quarter the girls took control of the match and turned it in their favor. They won the game by just three points, 45-42.

Hannah Hilker scored highest with 17 points, shooting four of six three-pointers for 67 percent and one of five two-pointers for 20 percent. Hilker also had two rebounds and one steal; Lauryn Dusatko had 12 points, six rebounds and one steal; Presley Heiss eight points, three rebounds and one steal; Olivia Young four points, three rebounds and two steals; Ashley Sidak four points and four steals; Autumn Hilker two steals; and Brena Gdanitx one rebound.

OHS     10       7      16       12       45

PHS      11      12     14        5        42

Two days later the Eagles would visit the Summerland Bobcats. This match would end the Eagle's short victory just a couple days earlier.

Quarter one was a Bobcat's victory, but it was still anyone's game. The next quarter put that thought to rest, however, when the Eagles started to trial by 14 points, losing 17-3.

Going into half, the Eagles were at a major disadvantage. Quarter three added insult to injury when the Bobcats won 19-10. In the final, the Eagles fell yet again and lost the game to the Bobcats 64-34.

H. Hilker strikes again with nine points, shooting one of seven three-pointers for 17 percent and three of six two-pointers for 50 percent. H. Hilker also had five rebounds; Young had eight points and five rebounds; A. Hilker five points and five rebounds; Heiss four points, three rebounds and one steal; Sidak three points and three rebounds; Dusatko nine rebounds and three steals; and Keeley Chavez one rebound. 

OHS      12        3      10       9         34       

SHS      15      17     19     13        64

The girls would take another two-day break before facing the Blue Devils in Wayne. This was a hard-fought battle, but the Blue Devils managed to keep the upper-hand up to the end.

First quarter gave the Eagles an early advantage, taking it 12-8. Quarter two saw the Blue Devils turn the game around when they won 18-10.

The Blue Devils were now in total control of the game, and they proved so in quarter three. They took it 10-3 to cement their place in first. The Eagles tried to take the game back  during the final stretch, but they were too far behind. They took fourth but still lost the match 46-40.

H. Hilker scores at the top again with 14 points, shooting two of four three-pointers for 50 percent and two of five two-pointers for 40 percent. H. Hilker also had five rebounds and one steal; Dusatko had nine points, five rebounds and three steals; Sidak nine points, one rebound and three steals; Heiss six points, four rebounds and one steal; Young two points, one rebound and two steals; A. Hilker one rebound and two steals; Chavez one rebound; and Rylee Selby one steal.

OHS      12      10      3      15        40

WHS       8      18    10      10        46


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