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Cards Edge Out WolfPack

Oct 19, 2022 (0)

St. Mary's Gage Hedstrom flies over the Wolfpack defense in last Thursday's game in Elgin.
Interception - St. Mary's Isaac Everitt sneaks in to snag the ball away from an EPPJ Wolfpack receiver in last Thursday's game in Elgin.

The St. Mary's Cards traveled to Elgin to take on the 5-1 EPPJ Wolfpack. The Cards edged out Elgin by 46-40.

The teams were looking into the match-up, knowing it was going to be a fight and evenly matched as both teams fell to Ainsworth with the Cardinals the week before and the Wolfpack the week before that.

The Cards scored first when they drove deep into Elgin territory, and Gage Hedstrom threw an eight-yard touchdown pass to Jace Rosenkrans. The Cards missed the conversion and led 6-0. The Wolfpack scored on the next series of plays and it didn't take long as they drove down to the Cardinal 20-yard line, and Cale Kinney ran in the Wolfpack's first score with Austin Good running in the two-point conversion to put Elgin up 8-6.

Kinny scored again in the second for Elgin on a 50-yard touchdown but didn't get the extra points to put them up 14 -6. The Cardinals took advantage of their receivers and scored on a 16-yard touchdown pass to Isaac Everitt with Hedstrom taking the two-point conversion. The second score was a 34-yard touchdown pass from Hedstrom to Carson Dannenbring and Hedstrom brought in the two-point conversion to put the cards up 22-14 at the half.

Rosenkrans scored a 40-yard touchdown at the beginning of the third to give the Cards a 28-14 lead.

The Wolfpack countered, scoring on a 47-yard touchdown and a 29-yard touchdown pass from Good to Blake Henn. Neither score could bring in the points after the touchdown, ultimately affecting their chance at a win.

It was a scoring frenzy for the win as Hedstrom hit Risken Dawson for a 40-yard touchdown and then the Wolfpack's Kinney ran in a 50-yard touchdown. At the end of the third, the Cardinals led by a close 34-32.

Everitt ran in a 39-yard touchdown to put the Cards up 40-32 in the fourth.

The Wolfpack wasn't going to give up and drove the ball on the Cards down to their goal line, where Kinney ran in the touchdown and later the conversion to tie the game at 40.

The Cards, with time on their side, drove deep into Elgin territory to get a Hedstrom to Everitt completion for the win.

Hedstrom threw 28 times for 19 completions, five touchdowns and one interception.

Hedstrom leads the rushing, having 24 carries for 79 yards, Everitt eight carries for 43 yards and one touchdown, Rosenkrans one carry for 40 yards and one touchdown, and Dalton Alder four carries for 18 yards.

Everitt led the receivers, catching nine passes for 67 yards and two touchdowns, Dawson two catches for 45 yards, Carson Dannenbring one catch for 34 yards, Rosenkrans three catches for 29 yards and one touchdown and Alder four catches for 23 yards and one touchdown.

Wyatt Scofield had a good night getting 19 tackles; Everitt had 14 tackles; Hedstrom had 13 tackles; Alder had 12 tackles; Kyle Pribil had seven tackles; Matt Koehlmoos had six tackles, Jack Gydesen four tackles; Joseph Wiese, Ruger Kraft and Sam Barlow one tackle each.

The Cards will face Central Valley at 7 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 20 at Wolbach for the first round of the D-2 Playoffs.


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