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Cardinals To Start Playoffs Against EPPJ

Oct 20, 2021 Updated Feb 8, 2022 (0)

St. Mary's Tate Thompson dives for yardage in last weeks game against Boyd Co. in O'Neill.
St. Mary's Andrew Koehlmoos goes after Boyd County's Ethan McBride in last weeks game in O'Neill.
Dalton Alder runs the ball in action against Boyd Co. last week.

The St. Mary's Cardinals will go into the 2021 D-2 playoffs with a 7-1 record after their final regular-season win over Boyd Co., winning 78-44. The Cardinals will advance to the first round of the playoffs facing the EPPJ Wolfpack in O'Neill on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 2 p.m. The 1-7 Spartans surprised the Cardinals on the first play with Dillon Koenig hitting Hudson Hoffman for a 46-yard touchdown. The crowd was in shock until Dalton Alder ran a 78-yard kick-off return back to match the Spartans. It was a score fest as the Spartans moved the ball down to the four-yard line and Ethan McBride ran in for the second score for the Spartans and with the two-point conversion, the Spartans were up 14-6. The Cardinal's offense took the shock and awe out of the Spartans with a 34-yard touchdown by Aidan Hedstrom with Gabe Pribil running in the two-point conversion. Alder hit the endzone one more time in the first quarter when he ran in a 65-yard punt return for the Cardinals to lead at the end of the first quarter 20-14. The Cards regained their confidence and let loose on the Spartans putting 28 unanswered points before the half to lead 48-14. Alder ran in a nine-yard touchdown in the second, while Hedstrom hit Isaac Everitt twice on a 33-yard touchdown pass and a 10-yard touchdown pass. The final score of the half was a 13-yard fumble recovery by Adam Everitt with Hedstrom running in the conversion. The Cards scored twice in the third with Hedstrom running a 35-yard touchdown and Isaac Everitt a four-yard touchdown. The Cards let the bench run the final period with the JV taking on the Spartans. The Spartans scored 30 points with Koenig, McBride and Hoffman making it into the endzone for the Spartans. Risken Dawson ran in a 15-yard touchdown for the Cards and again on a 55-yard touchdown. The Cardinals ran 36 plays for 15 first downs and had five penalties for 40 yards. The Spartans ran 55 plays for 14 first downs and had six penalties for 35 yards. Hedstrom led the Cardinals in rushing with eight carries for 124 yards for two touchdowns, Risken Dawson four carries for 84-yards and two touchdowns, Gabe Pribil seven carries for 49 yards, Thompson five carries for 18 yards, Isaac Everitt four carries for 17 yards and one touchdown, Dalton Alder four carries four 14 yards and one touchdown. Isaac Everitt led the receivers for the Cards with two catches for 43-yards and two touchdowns. Leading the Cardinal defense was Wyatt Scofield with 15 tackles, Adam Everitt 14 tackles, Isaac Everitt 11 tackles, Thompson nine tackles, Hedstrom eight tackles, Alder and Andrew Koehlmoos six tackles, Lawrence Werth three tackles, Dawson and Gabe Pribil two tackles each, Jace Rosenkrans, Charles Barlow, Carson Dannenbring, Sam Barlow, Matt Koehlmoos and Jack Gydesen one tackle each.


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