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St. Patrick's Announces Launch Of $850,000  Capital Campaign

Dec 22, 2011 Updated Dec 19, 2021

Randy Hupp
Deb Kelly
Sharon Spencer
Dave Tomjack

As part of the proud heritage of St. Patrick's Church and St. Mary's Schools and the vision and commitment that was established over 130 years ago, we are excited to announce the launch of a new Capital Campaign titled, Semper Fidelis �Always Faithfull�. This is a four-year, $850,000 campaign and will be led by co-chairs, Randy Hupp, Deb Kelly, Sharon Spencer and Dave Tomjack. The campaign will include fixing the St. Mary�s Grade School roof and entryway, replacing the handicap ramp with grotto entryway on the east side of St. Patrick�s Church, cry room at the south end of the church, brighter energy efficient church lights, replacing the deteriorating 1965 grade school boilers with new energy efficient boilers and adding an enclosed hallway to connect St. Mary�s High School and Grade School. St. Patrick�s Church and St. Mary�s Schools have been an active and integral part of the O�Neill and surrounding community since 1877. The community benefits tremendously in the forms of jobs, payroll, local education competition, and local spending. The school provides a viable education option to families in the community and surrounding area. Currently 272 students are receiving a top quality education at St. Mary�s Schools. St. Patrick�s has a strong tradition of generating successful campaigns to achieve the goals of St. Patrick�s Church and St. Mary�s Schools. In the past, campaigns have helped us to maintain and improve our parish and school, while building up our endowments. We are grateful to all of the parishioners, alumni and the community of O�Neill for their strong support to St. Patrick�s Parish and St. Mary�s School for the past 105 years. The success of our campaign depends on the active participation of each of our parish members and the support of our community. Our dedication, generosity and prayer help us remain �Always Faithful� to the mission of the Lord acting through St. Patrick�s Church and St. Mary�s School, here in our beloved O�Neill, - yesterday, today and always.

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