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Broncos Have Busy Week Of Basketball

Jan 19, 2022 Updated Feb 6, 2022

It was a busy week of basketball for the Stuart Broncos boys basketball team. The varsity team beat CWC 47-21, where they had a chance to play a lot of players and work on moving some guys around defensively. They then fell to EPPJ 58-48 after EPPJ capitalized on free throws and offensive rebounds.

The Broncos kept the pressure on the entire game against the Renegades holding their scoring to a minimal. Schuyler Mustin led the Broncos with 12 points and 10 steals; Ryan Steinhauser 10 points and three steals; Tyson Stracke nine points; Cameron Sattler nine points; Anthony Heiser five points, six rebounds and four steals.

In action against EPPJ the Broncos fell 58-48. The Broncos fought hard but a short coming of points in the fourth put the win out of sights for the Broncos.

"Those types of teams expose your weaknesses and we are realizing details are important on every possession. I really like how we competed the entire game," remarked Coach John Miller.

Leading the Broncos were Steinhauser 13 points and six rebounds; Mustin 12 points and three steals; Heiser seven points and six rebounds; Sattler six points, and six rebounds; Stracke six points; and Ben Paxton four points.

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