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To All Nonpartisan Voters

Apr 17, 2024 (0)

This Primary Election we have an unusual situation for Nonpartisan voters residing in certain precincts in Holt County. Nonpartisan races that would have appeared on your primary ballot have automatically advanced to the General Election, so there is NO BALLOT for you in this Primary Election.  The only issue on the Nonpartisan ballot is a township levy issue for residents in Atkinson Township, Sheridan Township and Willowdale Township.  If you do not reside in one of those townships your Nonpartisan ballot will have no issues to vote on.

If you wish to vote for the office of United States Senator and/or Representative in Congress, you may request a partisan primary ballot for any state recognized political parties at the polls.

Additionally, if you wish to change your party affiliation to participate more actively in the primary election process, you have until midnight on April 29, 2024, online or until 6 p.m. May 3, 2024, in person at our office.  This deadline is crucial for ensuring that your party affiliation reflects your preferences and allows you to engage fully in the electoral process.

REMINDER TO ALL VOTERS the new Nebraska Voter ID Law requires you to show your photo ID to vote.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our office at 402-336-1762.  


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