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County Election Offices Mailing Out Early Ballots For Primary Election

Apr 10, 2024 (0)

Beginning April 8, county election offices are sending out early voting ballots for the May 14, 2024, statewide primary to voters who completed early voting applications and fulfilled the new voter ID requirement.

Voters have two options to fulfill the new voter ID requirement during the early voting application process:

Voters can write their driver's license or state ID number on their early voting application, or Voters can submit their early voting application with a photocopy of their acceptable photo ID.

County election offices are working with voters who did not successfully complete the new voter ID requirement.

“With the new voter ID law now in effect, Nebraskans who cast a ballot in the May 14th primary will be making history,” Secretary of State Bob Evnen said. “Voters are following the new voter ID requirement, and county election officials are doing a tremendous job working with voters. They are ensuring every voter can cast their ballot securely and independently while adhering to the new voter ID law.”

County election offices are reporting a smooth process so far with voter ID in the early voting application process. Most voters are writing their Nebraska driver's license or state ID on the early voting application. Once the voter completes the voter ID requirement on their application, the requirement is fulfilled, and they will be mailed their early voting ballot.

Registered Nebraska voters can still request an early voting ballot by sending their completed early voting application to their county election office. Contact information for each county can be found here.

Voters must return their early voting ballots (either by mail or by secure drop box) by 8 p.m. Central Time or 7 p.m. Mountain Time on Election Day – May 14, 2024.

Acceptable forms of ID

Secretary Evnen reminds voters to have a voting plan for the primary election. Be prepared to vote with one of the following acceptable IDs:

• Nebraska driver's license

• Nebraska state ID

• U.S. passport

• Military ID

• Tribal ID

• Hospital, assisted-living facility or nursing home record

• Nebraska political subdivision ID (state, county, city, school, etc.)

• Nebraska college or university ID (public or private)

The ID must have the voter's name and photo. IDs can be expired. The new law does not require Nebraska voters to re-register to vote.

Nebraskans can get a free state ID from the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If the person was born in Nebraska and needs a free certified copy of their Nebraska birth certificate to get a free state ID, they can contact the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). A birth certificate is not a valid form of voter ID.

Voter ID educational material is available in English and Spanish at

What's next?

April 15 – First day to vote in person at the county election office.

April 29 – Last day to register to vote online (by midnight), at the DMV, at DHHS, at the Department of Education, via agent, via deputy registrar or by mail (voter registration application must be postmarked by April 29, 2024.)

May 3 – Last day to register to vote in person at the county election office (6 p.m. local time).

May 13 – Last day to vote in person at the county election office.

May 14 – Election Day AND last day county election offices will accept early voting ballots via mail or secure drop box.


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