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Storm Brings Needed Moisture And Storm Chasers To Area

May 17, 2023 (0)

Dominator 3 - Severe thunderstorms brought storm chasers to the area last Friday. This vehicle, named Dominator 3, was built using a Ford Super Duty pickup truck as the base vehicle — the first Dominator vehicle not to use a General Motors vehicle as the base. The vehicle features an electric winch, airbag lowering suspension, hydraulic anchoring spikes, and gull-wing doors (which were augmented with touch-activated actuators in early 2014) for the driver, front and rear passengers. It is also the first Dominator vehicle to utilize a diesel powerplant.

Last Friday's storms brought much needed rain to the area as well as the potential for severe weather.

Storm spotter crews with Reed Timmer came into the area with the potential of tornado's on Friday and capturing data and images of a wedge tornado near Spalding. The video can be found on by searching for Spalding tornado.

The storm which advanced north and east continued with the potential of more tornadic activity with the Timmer crew making its way through O'Neill around 5 p.m. or so.

The storm spotters made their way  to south of Inman where they waited for the possibility of action. The civil defense sirens were activated for the village of Inman for precaution but thankfully nothing came more came of the storm except the much needed moisture. Even after the rain, Holt County remains at a -1.1983 moisture deficit.

The Timmer crew spent the night in O'Neill before moving on to the next hot spot.


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