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St. Mary's Cardinals Thrash Renegades 58-12

Oct 5, 2022 (0)

CWC's Cooper Pokorny recovers a loose ball in action against St. Mary's on Friday, Sept. 30.
St. Mary's Isaac Everitt catches a ball in the end zone with CWC's Hunter Hoerle putting up tough pass coverage on Friday, Sept. 30.

The St. Mary's Cardinals hosted the 0-5 CWC Renegades last Friday at the O'Neill field and came away with a 58-12 win over the Renegades. The Cards have a 5-1 record going into the regular season's final weeks.

The Renegades played the Cardinals as they usually do, but a lack of numbers in the vital playing positions and a young squad kept the Renegades from attaining goals in this year's season.

The Renegades ran 55 plays and had 13 first downs with seven penalties for 50 yards. The Cardinals ran 49 plays for 20 first downs and had only three penalties for 25 yards.

Both teams drove the length of the field before Dalton Alder took in a 55-yard touchdown run with Gage Hedstrom running in the two-point conversion to put the Cards up by eight.

Gunner Hoerle threw a 58-yard touchdown to Solan Bowen to get the Renegades on the board in the second quarter but trailed by two with no conversion. Both teams drove the field until Alder ran in a 29-yard touchdown and Hedstrom hit Isaac Everitt for the conversion to put the Cards up 16-6. The Card's next score came on a 49 interception when Everitt picked a pass from Hoerle. To finish out the half, Hedstrom ran in a 10-yard touchdown with Alder running in the two-point conversion to put the Cardinals in the lead 30-6 at the half. 

The Cardinals scored twice in the third when Everitt ran in a 13-yard touchdown and caught the two-point conversion. The final score of the third for the Cards was on a seven-yard pass from Hedstrom to Alder. The Renegade's final score of the game came when Bowen hit Cooper Pokorny for a 14-yard touchdown pass.

The Cards scored twice more in the fourth when Hedstrom ran in a 14-yard touchdown, and Alder caught the conversion. The final score was by Jace Rosenkrans with a 9-yard touchdown.

Hoerle threw the ball for CWC eight times for five completions and 115 yards for one touchdown and one interception. Bowen threw seven times for three completions, one touchdown, and one interception. Hedstrom threw the ball 16 times for 11 completions for 166 yards and one touchdown.

The Renegades had 272 total yards.

Bowen led CWC rushing with 16 carries for 47 yards, Hoerle had 14 carries for 39 yards, Pokorny nine for 34 yards, and Blake Wolinski with one carry for three yards.

The Cards were led by Alder with 11 carries for 113 yards and two touchdowns; Hedstrom with 11 carries for 36 yards and two touchdowns; Everitt with six carries for 32 yards; Risken Dawson with three carries for nine yards; and Rosenkrans with two carries for 10 yards.

Bowen led the Renegades in receiving with three catches for 82 yards and a touchdown; Pokorny two catches for 34 yards and one touchdown; Dan Kluver one catch for 13 yards; Peter Jesse one catch for 13 yards.

Alder led the Cards with four catches for 38 yards and one touchdown; Everitt three catches for 81 yards; Carson Dannenbring one catch for 29 yards; Dawson two catches for 13 yards; and Rosenkrans one catch for five yards.

Leading the Renegades in defense was Hoerle with ten tackles, Bowen with eight tackles, Brady Renner with seven tackles, Pokorny and Zach Miner with five tackles each, Jesse and Wolinski with four tackles each, Daniel Kluver with three tackles, Ty Growcock and Jacob Haburchak two tackles each, and Mason Knox one tackle.

The Cards will face Ainsworth on Thursday, Oct. 6 at home with game time at 2 p.m.


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