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Wild Fire Runs Across Holt Knox County Lines

Mar 23, 2022 Updated Apr 5, 2022 (0)

Ewing Big 10 gets a load of water from the Nebraska Department of Roads out of Niobrara on Sunday evening during fire fighting efforts.
No burn permits will be issued in the Holt County area until suitable moisture has fallen. A recreational fire started the multi- jurisdictional two county fire that crossed county lines on Sunday. Fines can be issued to anyone violating the no burn ban.

Area fire departments were called to a fast moving range fire on Sunday around 3:30 p.m. The call initially went out to the Page Fire Department. Fire Chief Rod Isom immediately called for Mutual Aide from O'Neill, Ewing, Verdigre, Creighton, Atkinson, Stuart, Lynch, Orchard, Royal, Niobrara, Brunswick, Neligh and Plainview. The Nebraska Department of Roads as well as farmers from the area with tractors and discs answered the call for help as well.

The fire, located northeast of Page, quickly took off running across the Holt County line and into Knox County. Departments raced to contain it. When the wind went down at dusk they got the fire stopped at County Roads 512 Ave and 881 Rd.

Fire units started to head home around 7 p.m. with many departments leaving equipment to stay the night and watch for flare ups and hot spots. State fire service members were on scene Monday morning evaluating the situation and acquiring water sources for the national guard helicopters to fill and start putting out hot spots. Aerial applicators helped stop the blaze on Sunday evening before dark set in.

The fire was believed to have been started by a recreational fire that was not entirely extinguished.


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