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Summerfest Concert To Include Two Musical Concert Sensations

Jun 7, 2023 (0)

William Clark Green
American Aquarium

The O'Neill Summerfest concert is drawing closer, and it promises to be a good one this year.

Brought to you by the O'Neill Chamber of Commerce, this year's concert will be held at the O'Neill Community Center, 501 South 4th Street. 

Starting on July 15, this year's concert will be a full three hours of non-stop musical entertainment. Starting at 8:30 p.m. 

Musician William Clark Green will take center stage. 

Green released his first album back in 2008, called Dangerous Man. He went on to release a further five studio albums and two live albums. 

His third album, entitled Rose Queen, was his first breakthrough album. It also saw his first song on the Top Ten songs on Texas Radio.

Green has since seen many more accomplishments, such as appearing on the Billboard 200, which counts down the most popular songs in the entire United Sates. He has topped the Texas Music Chart with his song "Sympathy" from his fourth studio album. 

Green's most recent album was from 2022, with no signs of slowing down. During his time, he also been touring around the United States, mostly in Texas. O'Neill has been given a very unique opportunity to have such a talented artist visit this upcoming Summerfest.

The fun certainly doesn't stop with Green. The other performances is American Aquarium and they will also take the stage. 

Beginning  back in 2005, American Aquarium was started by lead singer BJ Barham in his college dorm room. Later in 2006 his dreams of forming a full band with more members came true.

American Aquarium  released their first album, Antique Hearts, in 2006. Just two years later  came their second album, and during this time they were touring extensively. They were playing around 250 concerts each year; that's close to a concert every day! 

The band kept releasing music, but in 2012 they had planned to release two final albums and call it quits. Thankfully this wasn't the case, however. In fact, these two albums from 2012 garnered them some reputation and convinced them to keep recording, with no signs of retirement in sight. 

With over 3,000 concerts played, nine studio albums released, and many states visited, it's no wonder why O'Neill would be so excited to bring to you all the opportunity to witness such a passionate and talented band live at work.

General Admission is only $25. Get your tickets online at before it's too late!


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