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St. Patrick's Celebration Frosty This Year

Mar 22, 2023 (0)

St. Patrick's Day Parade was well attended despite below zero wind chills on Saturday, March 18 in O'Neill.
Fun Run competitors Dr. Brian Jundt and Andrew Huber walked in the O'Neill Fun Run in their fire gear this past weekend despite the sub-zero wind chills
2023 St. Patrick's Day King and Queen were crowned on Saturday, March 18 on the Shamrock. Phil and Natalie Butterfield were this year's honorees. Dr. Scott Gutshall of the O'Neill Men's Club presented the couple to the crowd.
Marge "Mcelvain" Walsh was welcomed into the O'Neill Irish Walk of Fame this past week by the O'Neill Walk of Fame committee and her family.
Carrol McKay was entered into the O'Neill Irish Walk of Fame posthumously this past week with the help of his family.

The 56th St. Patrick's Day Celebration is in the books. The threat of weather and then bitter cold kept the planners of the celebration on their toes. The painting of the Shamrock and the Walk of Fame winners enjoyed a  beautiful 64 degree day for the event with all ages taking part in the painting of the world's largest shamrock.

The threat of 2-4 inches of snow didn't really materialize with the city only getting less than an inch. Bitter cold temperatures did make a difference on Friday and Saturday with wind chills reaching a frosty -11 below for the Fun Run.

At parade time the temperatures were still arctic cold, but the Irish roughed it out, taking shelter on the north side of the street with numbers being more than expected for the parade.

Winners of this year's parade were: 


1st - North Central Agronomy

2nd - Top O' the Rock Designs

3rd - Tie between Tri-County Bank and First Interstate Bank


1st - Assembly of God Church

2nd - St. Mary's School/St. Pat's Church

3rd - Megan Dempsey


1st - Word of Life School

2nd - Girl Scouts

3rd - C.L.A.S.S. Home-school Group


1st - O'Neill High School Band

2nd - O'Neill Jr. High Band


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