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Meet Ollie At The Kiddie Park

Aug 9, 2023 (0)

The Lion's Kiddie Park is a fun, beautiful and relaxing park.  You can shoot hoops, have a picnic, go for a swing, climb the monkey bars and slide down the Tornado Slide!  It has all the things you are looking for in a great, memory making park.  Now, it has Ollie!

That's right!  Keep an eye out for Ollie when you visit the Lion's Kiddie Park!  Who is Ollie you may be asking?  Ollie is a rock snake made up of many beautiful colors.  Don't fear…Ollie is a friendly snake.  He does not bite.  He is a snake of many colors waiting for you to come and admire his many designs that were inspired by everyone who added a painted rock to his creation.

How did Ollie come to live at the Lion's Kiddie Park is probably your next question?  We started with some rocks and a great group of people with a little paint.  Members of NorthStar and a delightful group of girls who were playing at the park joined us to create some beautiful painted rocks.  

We put those painted rocks together and Ollie the Rock Snake was born.  You will find designs that look like they are from under the sea, beautiful color combos, gators, flowers, messages and even a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

This is a project for the community.  If you would like to get creative and add a painted rock to Ollie to help him grow, just drop it off at the Lion's Kiddie Park.  There are a couple of signs to help you find Ollie and feel free to sign them with your first name after you add your painted rock to Ollie. 

A special Thank You to the Members of the O'Neill Lion's Club who agreed the Lion's Kiddie Park would be a good home for Ollie.


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