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McCants Found Liable in Nebraska Game Day Experience Scam

Jun 12, 2024 (0)

District Court Judge Jodi Nelson ordered Kenneth Jason McCants to pay $87k in restitution to the victims of the Nebraska Game Day Experience. Judge Nelson also ordered McCants to pay $252k in civil penalties and additional fees. Judge Nelson previously found McCants liable for the Nebraska Game Day Experience and entered an injunction preventing Mr. McCants from running similar ticketing frauds.  

  Attorney General Mike Hilgers filed the suit alleging Mr. McCants had defrauded consumers by promising them the opportunity to watch a Husker football game with former husker football players all from the comfort of a Memorial Stadium suite. The Nebraska Game Day Experience also promised consumers that they would receive various perks with all proceeds to benefit named charities. Instead, Nebraska consumers were left with general admission tickets or nothing at all. 

  “Nebraska football plays an integral part in the lives of many Nebraskans. This fraud preyed on Nebraskans' love of the Cornhusker and their passion to help others in need. We are grateful for the Court's order, which will send a message to other would-be fraudsters,” said Attorney General Mike Hilgers. “If any money is recovered, our office will prioritize returning funds to consumers harmed by the fraud.”

  While the Attorney General will seek to recover the awarded relief, there is no guarantee it will be recovered, given the allegations that the fraudster already spent consumer funds.

  This matter inspired the Attorney General to craft LB934, which was introduced and enacted during the most recent legislative session. LB934 allows the Attorney General to freeze ill-gotten funds to prevent them from being spent or otherwise depleted, increasing the likelihood that consumer funds can be recovered. “I am grateful to have better tools that can help prevent scammers in the future from spending money before we can recover consumer funds. I again thank Senator Bosn for her leadership and the other members of the legislature who supported LB934's passage so that we are better equipped to return money to those who might be harmed by fraud,” said Attorney General Mike Hilgers.


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