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Lady Cards Start Strong

Dec 7, 2022 (0)

Cardinal Lorissa Reiman muscles in for a shot against Osmond/Randolph last Thursday in O'Neill.

The St. Mary's girls basketball couldn't be off to a better start if they tried. They faced off against two opponents on Thursday and Friday, and no one was a match for them at all.

The first match took place on Thursday, Dec. 1 when the Cardinals annihilated the Osmond/Randolph Tigers. The first quarter was almost enough to decide the whole match, with the Cards up 22-0. The next two kept up a similar pace, not allowing the Tigers to leave much of an impression on the score board. Quarter four ended in a tied score of five for both teams, but it was too little, too late, the Cards already had proven dominate in this match.

Alissa Brabec leads the first game of the year with 24 points, shooting four of ten in three-pointers for 40 percent and six of 11 in two-pointers for 55 percent, as well as three rebounds; Lorissa Reiman 13 points and 16 rebounds; Mya Hedstrom 11 points and seven rebounds; Hope Williamson 10 points and five rebounds; Annabelle Barlow five points and two rebounds; Emerson Mlnarik two points and four rebounds; Gracie Williamson two points and three rebounds; Ryanne Pistulka, Lily Bauer and Samantha Asche both one rebound each. 

SMH           22     22     18     5     67

OMCS          0     10       5     5     20

The girls' next match against the Riverside Chargers was even further proof of the Cardinals skill. The first quarter was a complete wash, with the Cards leading by 29 points by the end. From there, the Chargers were able to sneak in a few points here and there, but they were no match for their opponent. 

Brabec in the lead again with 23 points, shooting three of seven three-pointers for 43 percent and seven of eight two-pointers for 88 percent, as well as one rebound; Hedstrom 16 points and eight rebounds; Reiman 12 points and five rebounds; Hope Williamson eight points and two rebounds; Gracie Williamson three points and four rebounds; Barlow two points and one rebound; Ryanne Pistulka and Lily Bauer both three rebounds each.

SMH           29     15     14     6     64

RSV              0       4       4      4    12


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