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Eagle Girls Have Solid Week's Play

Feb 1, 2023 (0)

Eagles Ashley Sidak and Lauryn Dusatko defend against a rushing Husky.

The O'Neill Eagle girls have recently been going back and forth regarding wins and losses. Last week was pretty solid for the team, winning one match and going on to lose the next by just a couple of points.

The first match saw the Eagles travel to Norfolk on Tuesday in order to face the lady Knights. The Eagles struggled at first, falling 8-14. The second quarter didn't do either team any favors as it was a tie, 10-10. 

The Eagles kicked it into high gear and started to turn the tide of the game in their favor by third quarter. They took the set 10-8, but they were still slightly disadvantaged. With only one quarter left, the Eagles were going to have to really pull through. In the end, the Eagles were able to push ahead and took the match with a four-point lead.

Lauryn Dusatko leads the Eagles to victory with 14 points, shooting one of six three-pointers for 17 percent and four of seven two-pointers for 57 percent, as well as four rebounds; Ashley Sidak nine points and four rebounds; Emma Smith seven points and six rebounds; Presley Heiss five points and two rebounds; Bergyn Classen four points and five rebounds; Olivia Young three points and one rebound; and Autumn Hilker one point.

OHS         8       10     10      15      43

NCHS     14      10       8       7       39

Two days later, the girls hosted the West Holt Huskies. This match was extremely close, and with just a few errors corrected, could've been another win under the Eagle's belt.

The match got off to a rocky start for the Eagles, getting left behind 6-11. Quarter two ended with the Eagles up four points, but they were still a few points behind in total.

The next quarter ended in a draw, granting neither team any advantage. It was all up to this final quarter, and both teams realized this. Both teams fought well and hard, but the Huskies were just barely able to nudge out the Eagles for the victory. 

Dusatko again leads with 11 points, shooting two of five in two-pointers for 40 percent and two of four in three-pointers for fifty percent, as well as three rebounds; Smith nine points and three rebounds; Young seven points and one rebound; Sidak five points and one rebound; Heiss four points and two rebounds; Hilker two points; and Classen one rebound.

OHS          11       8      8       13     40

WHHS       6       12      8       12     38


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