O'Neill Softball Team Undefeated


Cardinals Slay Walthill 60-6 On Thursday Evening

Sep 15, 2021 Updated Feb 7, 2022 (0)

TOUCHDOWN Gabe Pribil crosses the goal line for a touchdown in action against Walthill last Thursday in O'Neill.
St. Mary's Adam Everitt runs down the Walthill quarterback in last weeks game in O'Neill.
Adam Everitt wraps on the Walthill ball runner in last weeks game.
St. Mary's Tate Thompson (21) blocks for ball carrier Gabe Pribil (5) against Walthill in last weeks game in O'Neill.
St. Mary's Tate Thompson (21) blocks for ball carrier Gabe Pribil (5) against Walthill in last weeks game in O'Neill.
Sam Barlow tries to reach the pass let go by Walthills quarterback in last weeks action in O'Neill.

The St. Mary's Cardinals had an easy win last Thursday, Sept. 9, with a 60-6 thumping of the Walthill Blue Jays in O'Neill.

Walthill was lucky to field a team as they had nine players for the match.

The Bluejays had trouble finishing their two previous matches with injuries but did make it through the game against the Cardinals injury-free.

Walthill ran 37 plays for four first downs and had four penalties for 27 yards. The Cards ran 24 plays for 12 first downs and had no penalties.

The Cards scored 48 points in the first half of play and the coaching staff pulled the starters early to give the second teams a chance at some varsity play.

Tate Thompson led the Cardinals with four carries for 71 yards and three touchdowns, Dalton Alder 10 carries for 57 yards and two touchdowns, Gabe Pribil three carries for 41 yards and one touchdown, Isaac Everitt two carries for 14 yards and one touchdown, Jace Rosenkrans two carries for three yards, Wyatt Scofield one carry for two yards and Risken Dawson one carry for one yard.

Issac Everitt let the Cardinals in receiving with one catch for 25 yards and one touchdown.

Thompson led the Cardinals with seven tackles, Adam Everitt and Scofield six tackles each, Rosenkrans five tackles, Gabe Pribil, Alder, Kyle Pribil each with four tackles, Charles Barlow three tackles, Issac Everitt, Dawson, Joseph Wiese two tackles each and Matt Koehlmoos one tackle.

Six Cardinals had interceptions in the match. Thompson had two interceptions and Rosenkrans, Gabe Pribil, Alder, Carson Dannenbring and Sam Barlow had one interception each.

The Cards will face Niobrara Verdigre this week in Verdigre.


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