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Lady Broncos Split On The Weekend

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Cardinals Have Good Week

Feb 1, 2023 (0)

Cardinal Gage Hedstrom goes up for a shot against a tough Bronco defense. Photo Ann Krotter

The St. Mary's boys team had their hands full last week facing off against three schools. 

In their first match last Monday, the Cardinals hosted the Gregory Gorillas. The Cards took an early lead of 14 points, holding the Gorillas to only half that amount. The Gorillas soon corrected their mistakes and took the second quarter. 

Going to quarter three, both teams were fairly close, with the Cards ahead by only three points. The Cards did take the third set by a couple of points, but the Gorillas still had a chance. The Gorillas did manage to sneak in a win in the final quarter, but it was just not enough. This was a very even match with a lot of back-and-forth play, but the Cards did manage to overpower their opponent.

Leading the boys was Dalton Alder with 20 points, shooting four of nine three-pointers for 44 percent, as well as two rebounds; Gage Hedstrom 12 points and seven rebounds; Isaac Everitt 10 points and nine rebounds; Carson Dannenbring nine points and one rebound; Sam Barlow two points and three rebounds; and Risken Dawson three rebounds. 

SMH        14      12      11     16       53

GHS           7     15        9     19       50

The Cardinal's next match on Tuesday pitted them against the Creighton Bulldogs. The game got off to a rocky start for the Cards, falling behind 7-12. This wasn't close to enough to bring them, however, as they came back to take quarter two.

By third quarter, the Bulldogs were still ahead by just one point. Not helping the Cards was that quarter three ended in a tie. The next quarter was the Card's final chance to bring the game back-and they did. The Cards brought forth some solid offense and were able to snag fourth quarter.

Alder takes the lead again with 16 points, shooting five of nine three-pointers for 56 percent, as well as five rebounds; Hedstrom 14 points and four rebounds; Everitt 11 points and five rebounds; Dannenbring eight points and one rebound; and Barlow and Dawson both three rebounds each.

SMH         7      14      11      17      49

CHS        12     10      11       9      42

On Thursday, Jan. 26, the Cardinals encountered the Stuart Broncos. Unfortunately for the Cards, this is where their win streak would come to a screeching halt.

Things got off to a promising start, with the Broncos pulling ahead by just four points. Quarter two was when the Cards began to struggle. They fell behind by an additional 10 points. 

Quarter three, the Cards were able to make up some ground, but they still had a long way to go if they wanted the win. Sure enough, the Broncos finished strong and overpowered the Cardinals in the end.

Hedstrom takes the lead this game with 18 points, shooting three of six three-pointers for 50 percent and four of 13 two-pointers for 31 percent, as well as six rebounds; Everitt 14 points and five rebounds; Alder six points and three rebounds; Dannenbring four points; Dawson two points and two rebounds; and Barlow two rebounds.

SMH       12      8       13      11      44

SHS          16      18       10       14       58


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