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Cardinals Decimate N/V Cougars 72-0

Sep 22, 2021 Updated Feb 7, 2022 (0)

Penalty - Terran Talsmagrabs Aidan Hedstrom by the face mask in last weeks game in Verdigre.
St. Mary's Jace Rosenkrans runs the ball against Niobrara/Verdigre in last weeks game.

The Cardinals have had two weeks of relatively easy competition defeating Walthill last week 60-6 and decimating Niobrara/Verdigre 72-0 this past Friday in Verdigre. The damage was quick and deadly as the Cards reached the endzone in their first three possessions with runs from Gabe Pribil and Aidan Hedstrom. Tate Thompson ran in a 14 yard touchdown in the second quarter and Dalton Alder ran in the PAT. Gabe Pribil ran in a 32 yard touchdown run and Hedstrom hit Joe Wiese for the PAT. Alder got his first touchdown of the night on a 12 yard run and Hedstrom finished off the half with a 38 yard touchdown run with Thompson running in the PAT. The Cards let up on the Cougars in the third letting the secondary have the field. Jace Rosenkrans ran in two touchdowns in the fourth on a 16 and three yard touchdowns. Risken Dawson ran in the first PAT and Rosenkrans the second to end scoring for the Cards. The Cards ran 28 plays for 15 first downs and had four penalties for 25 yards. The Cougars ran 38 plays for four first downs and had five penalties for 47 yards. Gabe Pribil led the Cardinals with seven carries for 174 yards and three touchdowns, Rosenkrans four carries for 42 yards and two touchdowns, Hedstrom two carries for 52 yards and one touchdown, Alder seven carries for 29 yards and one touchdown, Thompson four carries for 27 yards and one touchdown and Isaac Everitt one carry for two yards. Thompson led in receiving with one carry for 11 yards and one touchdown and Kyle Pribil one catch for four yards. Wyatt Scofield and Rosenkrans led the Cardinals with nine tackles, Adam Everitt eight tackles, Lawrence Werth seven tackles, Alder five tackles, Isaac Everitt, Charles Barlow and Jack Gydesen four tackles each, Kyle Pribil, Carson Dannenbring, Thompson and Andrew Koehlmoos two tackles each, and Dawson, Wiese, and Sam Barlow one tackle each.


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