Holt County Attorney Letter To The Editor

Updated Jan 15, 2022 (0)

Holt County Attorney Brent Kelly has sent the paper a letter to the public about TC formerly Transcanda Corporation. As many of you are aware, TC Energy (formerly TransCanada ...
Nebraskans: Guard Against Fraud

Updated Feb 22, 2022

LINCOLN — Survivors of the March 9 to April 14 floods and storms applying for assistance from Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) are advised to exercise caution with...
Does Your Back-To-School Checklist Include Vaccination?

Updated Feb 22, 2022

From newborns to college, you can help protect your children from 16 serious diseases by getting them vaccinated. Make sure your kids get any needed vaccines before the back-t...
Back To School

Updated Feb 22, 2022

Back to school sales are on and parents are shopping for the crayons, calculators and other supplies their kids will need for the first day of classes. Before long school buse...
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