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Cards Fall In Two Of Three Games

Feb 14, 2024 (0)

ST. MARY'S LOGAN BRABEC (#0) blocks a shot from CWC's William Jesse (#13). The Cardinals downed the Renegades 70-50. Photo courtesy Monique Gamage, BA- Visual Journalist.

Last week had a tough couple of matches for the St. Mary's Cardinals after just finishing the NVC Tournament. They faced three opponents and fell to two.

The first of the Cardinal's matches was played Monday, Feb. 5 at Chambers where they took down the Renegades 70-50 on their own court.

It kicked off with a nine-point Cardinal lead, and this advantage would continue throughout the match. Quarters two and four were taken by the Cards, while three was a stalemate of 15 points.

The match ended 70-20, with the Cards keeping up a consistent pace the entire game.

Logan Brabec scored highest with 17 points, shooting four of seven three-pointers and two of two two-pointers. Brabec also had two rebounds and one steal; Ben Barlow just behind with 16 points, four rebounds and three steals; Gage Hedstrom also close with 15 points, four rebounds and six steals; Eli Banks had eight points and three rebounds; James Eby six points; Carson Dannenbring four points, two rebounds and one steal; Risken Dawson four points, one rebound and two steals; and Max Berg one steal.

SMHS     19       23      15      13      70

CWC       10      15      15      10      50

One day later, on Feb. 6 the Cardinals again traveled, this time to Spencer where they would face Boyd County and fall in a close 50-44 fight.

From the start, the Spartans would take an early four-point lead for an early advantage. The Cards answered by putting up 13 in the second and holding the Spartans to only eight.

20-19 was the current score until the Cards made a three-point push to put them further in the lead. Unfortunately for the Cards, the Spartans bounced back at the end and stole the match in a 19-9 final quarter to take back the match 50-44.

Gage Hedstrom was the easy MVP with 23 points, shooting three of eight three-pointers and six of 11 two-pointers. Hedstrom also had eight points and two steals; Banks had 12 points and one rebound; B. Barlow four points, two rebounds and two steals; Parks three points; Dannenbring two points and one rebound; Brabec four rebounds; and S. Barlow one rebound.

SMHS      7       13       15        9        44

BCHS     11       8       12      19       50

After a short break, the Cardinals would travel for the final time last week when they visited Atkinson to face West Holt on Thursday, Feb. 8 and were sent home 66-52.

The opening showed how even the teams were matched, but the Huskies took it 18-17. Quarter two brought the Cardinals down further when they sunk six points behind.

By the halfway point the Cardinals were struggling to hold ground. The third quarter gave the Huskies a five-point push to make a Cardinal comeback virtually impossible. The final quarter ended the only way it could- with the Huskies taking it to win the match 66-52.

Gage Hedstrom scored 18 points, shooting four of 16 three-pointers and two of seven two-pointers. Hedstrom also had seven rebounds and one steal; Brabec also scored 18 points, three rebounds and two steals; B. Barlow had 14 points, seven rebounds and one steal; Dawson two points, four rebounds and two steals; Dannenbring three rebounds and one steal; Eby two rebounds; and Parks one rebound.

SMHS     17       9      10      16       52

WHHS    18     15     15      18       66


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