The St. Mary's Cardinals finished out their year with a 45-8 loss to the Twin Loup Wolves. The Cards would have to have won this match to advance on to post season play thus ending the season.

The Cards only managed one score on the day when the Cards drove deep into the Wolves territory and Aidan Hedstrom run in a one-yard touchdown and with the extra point run by Tate Thompson the Cards were tied in the first quarter.

The Cards struggled up front on both sides of the ball forcing Hedstrom to throw early and scramble to maintain position. The Twin Loup offense racked up 400 yards compared to the Cardinals 240 yards.

The Cardinals ran 62 plays for 11 first downs and had three penalties for 20 yards. The Wolves ran 45 yards and had seven first downs with one penalty for 15 yards.

Hedstrom threw 16 times for five completions and 70 yards.

Grant Winkelbauer led the Cards with 16 carries for 48 yards; Thompson eight carries for 31 yards; Isaac Everitt three carries for 10 yards; Dalton Alder three carries for eight yards and Adam Everitt one carry for two yards.

Gabe Pribil and Connor Semin led the Cardinals in receiving with one catch for 20 yards each; Thomson two catches for 19 yards and Winkelbauer one catch for 11 yards.

Winkelbauer led the Cardinals in defense with 15 tackles; Isaiah Wiese and Thompson seven tackles each; Adam Everitt, Charles Barlow and Pribil six tackles each; Hedstrom five tackles; Isaac Everitt and Semin three tackles each and Grant Tomjack, Blake Benson two tackles each; and Wyatt Scofield one tackle.



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