The St. Mary's Cardinals football squad traveled to Orchard on Friday, Oct. 18 to face off against the Clearwater/Orchard Cyclones and came back with a 342-16 win.

The game was sketchy at first when the Cyclones Eli Macke ran back a 75-yard return for a touchdown on the opening kick. And with the two point conversion put the Cardinals trailing until the second quarter when Quarterback Aidan Hedstrom ran in a three-yard touchdown to get the Cards within two. Later in the second Hedstrom tossed a quick four-yard touchdown pass to take the lead 12-6. The Cardinal's defense kept a tight reign on Macke thus controlling the scoring for the Cyclones.

The Cards came out in the third ready to roll scoring on a 10-yard touchdown run by Tate Thompson and then Grant Winkelbauer found the end zone on a seven-yard touchdown run.

The Cyclones got in to the end zone only one time in the second half after driving to the goal with Macke running in a quick score from the goal-line.

The Cards scored once in the fourth on a two-yard touchdown pass from Hedstorm to Semin and Hedstrom hit Thompson for the two point conversion.

The Cards ran 67 plays for 25 first downs and had six penalties for 39 yards; The Cyclones ran 37 plays for nine first downs and had 13 penalties for 107 yards.

Hedstrom threw10 times for six completions for 89 yards and two touchdowns.

Winkelbauer led the Cards with 26 carries for 119 yards and one touchdown; Thompson 16 carries for 86 yards and one touchdown; Hedstrom 11 carries for 18 yards; Adam Everitt one carry for 16 yards; and Gabe Pribil two carries for four yards.

Winklebauer led the Cardinal receivers with two catches for 42 yards; Pribil one catch for 24 yards and Semin three receptions for 23 yards and two touchdowns.

Winkelbauer led the Cardinal defense with 15 tackles; Thompson 12 tackles; Adam Everitt seven tackles; Hedstrom and Isaiah Wiese six tackles; Semin five tackles; Pribil three tackles; and Blake Benson, Charles Barlow and Wyatt Scofield one tackle each.

Macke led the Cyclones with 22 caries for 84 yards and one touchdown; Houston Marinso six carries for 36 yards; Trevor Thompson one carry for one yards.

Gage Switzer led the Cyclones receiving with one catch for 14 yards; Tyson Rix one catch for 13 yards and Macke one catch for three yards.

Colton Thiele led the Cyclone defense with 18 tackles; Tyler Bellar 11 tackles; Macke and Gage Switzer 10 tackles each; Marisno nine tackles; Anthony Umphress seven tackles; Trevor Thompson six tackles; Rix and Logan Mueller five tackles each; Joe Ahlers four tackles; Rafe Grebin, James Kester and Kellen Mlnarik two tackles each; and Wyatt Chipps and Anthony Ferris one tackle each.


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