If the St. Mary's Cardinals faced their toughest competition with Creighton, they thought wrong after going toe to toe with the Bloomfield Bees. The Cardinals only eased by the Bees by Six last Friday evening, winning 36-0.

The Bees struck first with a surprising 49-yard touchdown by Wiley Ziegler to shake the Cardinals up. After the two-point conversion, the Bees led 8-0. The defense was tough on both sides of the ball with neither team breaking midfield. The Cards used a combination of throws to Connor Semin and Tate Thompson and Dalton Alder running the ball, the Cards got into range, and Aidan Hedstrom hit Connor Semin for a 15-yard touchdown with 3:08 left in the first quarter.

The second quarter was a battle with Hedstrom finding the endzone on a one-yard touchdown to put the Cards up 16-0 at the half.

The third quarter saw a barrage of points put up. Hedstrom ran in the first touchdown of the period on a three-yard run. Cody Bruegman outran the Cards on a 48-yard dive up the middle for the Bee's first score of the second half. Not to be outdone and keeping the momentum going Tate Thompson ran in a 66-yard kickoff return for a touchdown and then Ziegler ran that kickoff right back to the end zone for a 70-yard touchdown which left the Cards up by only four points.

Thompson ran in a 37-yard touchdown in the fourth and Hedstrom hit Semin to seal the deal on the two-point conversion. Bruegman ran in the final score for the Bees on a two-yard touchdown.

The Cards kept the ball and ran the clock out for the win.

St. Mary's ran 54 plays for 15 first downs and had nine penalties for 67 yards. The Bees ran 45 plays for seven first downs and had nine penalties for 72 yards.

Hedstrom had 15 attempts for eight completions and one touchdown. Thompson led the field game carrying the ball ten times for 77 yards and one touchdown; Hedstrom had 21 carries for 64 yards and two touchdowns, and Alder six carries for 29 yards.

Semin led the receivers with three catches for 33 yards and one touchdown; Isaac Everitt three catches for 30 yards; Alder one catch for 24 yards and Thompson one catch for 18 yards.

Thompson and Hedstrom led the Cardinals with 11 tackles; Adam Everitt and Isaiah Weisee each had ten tackles each; Semin and Charles Barlow seven tackles each; Alder six tackles and Andrew Koehlmoos four tackles.

The Cardinals will travel to Spencer to face Boyd Co. on Friday for their last regular-season game of the year.


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