4 X 200 Relay

O'NEILL'S Clay Shaw handing off to Jakeb Larson in the 4 x 200 relay. PHoto courtesy Mike Peterson.

The O’Neill Boys Track Team earned the runner-up trophy at Ainsworth Relays. The boys’ team produced 77 points. Seven schools competed in the relay invitational.

In a relay invitational, the three best marks produced from top three field competitors were added together. The largest sum won that event. The O’Neill boys placed as followed:

Boys Long Jump: 3rd:

Tyler Diediker 18’ 2”, Sean Coventry 17’ 10”, Clay Shaw 16’ 7” (52’ 1 ¼”)

Boys High Jump: 3rd

Sean Coventry 5’ 2”. Landon Classen 4’ 10”. Clay Shaw 4’ *’ (14’ 8”)

Boys Discus: 1st

Christopher Jennings 142’, Joseph Engelbart 106’ 1”, Matt Pardun 98’ 1” (346’ 2”)

Boys Triple Jump: 2nd

Drew Morrow 38’ 1”, Landon Classen 37’ 1”, Tyler Diediker 36’ 10 ¾” (112’ 4 ½” )

Boys Shot Put: 1st

Matt Pardun 44’ ½”, Joey Engelbart 41’ 9”, Christopher Jennings 37’ 6” (123’ 3 ½”)

Boys Pole Vault: 4th

William Grosch 9’ 6”, Zach Osborne 7’, Gus Laible 7’

The running events consisted of all relays as well. The O’Neill Eagles placed as followed:

Distance Medley placed 3rd: (1200 meters, 400 meters, 800 meters, 1600 meters)

Brady Thompson, Landon Classen, Keegan Moore, Ty Rainforth

4 x 200 meter Relay 3rd

Jakeb Larson, Clay Shaw, Kyler Dean, Tyler Diediker

3 x 64 meter Shuttle Relay 2nd

Keaton Wattier, Mikah Raymond, Drew Morrow

4 x 800 meter Relay: Team A 2nd , Team B 6th

Team A: Brady Thompson, Keegan Moore, Ty Rainforth, Landon Classen

Team B: Dominic Hamilton, Elijah Kopecky, Carter Hickey, Gus Laible

4 x 100 meter Relay Team A 5th, Team B 6th

Team A: Jakeb Larson, Keaton Wattier, Clay Shaw, Sean Coventry

Team B: Zach Osborne, William Grosch, Mikah Raymond, Zach Mitchell

1600 Sprint Medley Team A 3rd, Team B 7th

Team A: Sean Coventry, Kyler Dean, Dylan Parks, Drew Morrow

Team B: Alex Molina, William Grosch, Easton Kopecky, Ashton Burival

4 x 400 Meter Relay 7th

Alex Molina, Brady Thompson, Jakeb Larson, Tyler Diediker

“It felt good to watch people run, jump, and throw again. The best thing about the Ainsworth Relays is that everyone was able to compete, no one was left home. It gave us coaches and athletes an idea what we need to work on,” said Coach Hilker.

The Eagles will compete April 6th at Battle Creek, then April 9th at Broken Bow.


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