Lauren Young

O'Neill's Lauren Young drives into a Broken Bow defender in the sub-district final Friday, Feb. 20 at Burwell.

The O'Neill Lady Eagles wrapped up their season in sub-districts winning in the first round over Ord 45-41 and then falling to Broken Bow 45-39 in the second round at Burwell on Thursday, Feb. 20

The Eagles first match was on Tuesday, Feb. 18 to meet up with the Ord Chanticleers.

The Eagles struggled a little in the first quarter as the Chants put 13 on the board and they only managed to get eight points on the board. The second quarter went a little better as the Eagles tacked on 16 more points to their side of the board and held the Chants to a mere addition of four points. At the half, the Eagles led 24-17.

The second half went much like the first with the Eagles struggling in the third quarter, only getting seven more points while the Chants put up 12 more points. The fourth quarter was a battle between these two teams. The Chants put up 12 more points while the Eagles got an additional 14 points on the board. At the buzzer, the Eagles celebrated a 45-41 victory.

Leading the Eagles were Alyssa Eichelberger with 14 points, including one three-point shot, shooting 58 percent from the free throw line, getting nine rebounds and two steals; Lauren Young 12 points, shooting 75 percent at the white stripe, getting eight rebounds and three steals; Meg Schluns eight points, seven rebounds and four steals; Makayla Hilker seven points, three rebounds and two steals; Blair Gutshall two points, five rebounds and three steals; and Zelie Sorensen two points, one rebound and one steal.

OHS 8 16 7 14 45

ORD 13 4 12 12 41

The Lady Eagles then continued their Sub-District play on Thursday, Feb. 20. They again traveled to Burwell, this time to meet up with the Broken Bow Indians.

The first quarter was low scoring as the Eagles only put six points on the board and the Indians put eight points up on the board. The second quarter a few more points were scored, but still stayed close. The Eagles added 16 to their side of the board while the Indians got 14 more points on their side of the board. At the half, the two teams were tied at 22.

The third quarter again stayed neck and neck as the Eagles tacked on 12 more points and the Indians added 13 points on their side of the board. The Eagles struggled in the fourth quarter as they only managed to add five more points on the board and the Indians tacked on 10 more points. At the buzzer the Eagles took the six point loss, 39-45, to end their season.

OHS 6 16 12 5 39

BBH 8 14 13 10 45


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