The St. Mary's Lady Cards lost a close one on Saturday to the Anselmo/ Merna Coyotes on Saturday losing by four. On Friday the girls traveled to Elgin to take on the Wolfpack. The Cards lost that engagement by 49-34.

Both squads started strong in the first scoring well with the Wolf Pack leading by only two at the end of the quarter. The second quarter saw both squads keep shooting down and both squads scoring only eight with the Wolfpack leading 25-23.

The game was close until the fourth quarter when the Wolfpack pulled out 10 unanswered points in the fourth.

Alissa Brabec led the Cards with 10 points, six rebounds and five steals; Mya Hedstrom six points and three rebounds; Charley Mlnarik five points, three rebounds and one steal; Faith Williamson five points, and two rebounds; and Jayden Eby five points; and Lorissa Reiman nine points and three rebounds

SMH 15 8 5 6 34

ELWP 17 8 8 16 49

On Saturday, Jan. 9 the girls hosted the Anselmo/Merna Coyotes and lost a close one in the last minutes 48-44.

Both squads had a rough first half turning over the ball on some basic mistakes. The Coyotes led by one at the half and the scoring was much of the same in the second half with the Coyotes leading. The Cards took control of the game late in the third tieing the game 33-33. The Cards held tough matching the Coyotes in shots until late in the fourth when both sides started to foul and the Cards shooting from the charity stripe kept them from the victory. Faith Williamson was fouled with 1:15 and made one of two shots to get the Cards within three but fate was not on their side.

Leading the Cards was Reiman with 10 points, seven rebounds and two steals; Hope Williamson nine points,seven rebounds and three steals; Hedstrom nine points, 10 rebounds and one steal; Eby seven points, two rebounds and one steal; Brabec four points, three rebounds and two steals; Faith Williamson three points, one rebound and two steals; Mlnarik two points and one rebound.

SMH 7 10 16 11 44

AMC 10 8 15 15 48


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