The O’Neill Eagles got their first win of the season in a battle to the end match on Friday evening in O’Neill. The game was slow from the get-go with both squads, only putting up six and the special teams on both sides, not allowing PAT’s.

The badgers led in the third, marching to the endzone for seven. It was a critical fourth quarter for the Eagles, which saw 19 points to sinch the Eagle win on the night.

The Eagle offense ran 69 plays for 16 first downs and had seven penalties for 50 yards. The Badgers ran 45 plays for 11 first downs and had six penalties for 50 yards.

Mason Walsh threw 25 times for 12 completions and 167 yards. Walsh carried the ball six times for one touchdown. Ryan O’Kief threw 20 times for 12 completions and 151 yards and one touchdown. O’Kief had nine carries for 14 yards.

Turner Jussel had a tremendous game running 19 times for 85 yards and had four receptions for 22 yards for 107 yards total and got the Eagles on the board in the first quarter; Brady Sidak had 13 carries for 60 yards and four catches for 52 yards; Fabian Acevedo five carries for eight yards and kicked in one PAT; Keegan Moore three receptions for 54 yards and a 34-yard touchdown in the fourth; Peyton Mathews two catches for 35 yards and two interceptions one for 30 yards that sealed the win for the Eagles and Landon Classen one catch for four yards.

Mathews led the Eagle defense with nine tackles, followed by Clay Shaw and Sidak with seven each; Acevedo and Jussel five each; Classen and Moore four tackles each; Tommy Kaczor and Matthew Pardun three tackles each; Joey Engelbart and Sean Coventry two tackles each and Tucker Shabram, Korbyn Grenier and Tra Space one tackle each.


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