Brady Sidak

O'Neill's (9) Brady Sidak gets taken down by Eli Larson in last Friday, Oct.11 games. Photo by Terry Miles.

Last Friday on a cold and windy night the Eagles Football team took on the C2 state-rated St. Paul Wildcats and came away with a 46-12 loss. The Eagles battled toe to toe with them the first half putting themselves in position to close the score to 14-12, but Dean's 20-yard touchdown was called back on a holding. The Eagles continued to battle and into the second half with special teams getting the second score of the game on a kick-off return.

Defensively the Eagles were in a tough position all night going up against one of the top running backs in class C and being out-sized up front in the line.

"We gave up too many yards both rushing and passing on Friday night. Offensively we struggled to get any holes opened up for our backs and we took too many sacks. It just seemed like we were constantly trying to dig ourselves out of our own holes. Our team continued to fight until the end and we are proud of our efforts, but at the end of the day we are out-sized across the board and we need to get better at going to the whistle. Coaches need to work harder at getting kids to buy into this," said Coach Brock Eichelberger.

The Eagles ran 60 plays for six first downs and had three penalties for 25 yards. The Wildcats ran 60 plays for 14 first downs and had seven penalties for 42 yards.

Mason Walsh threw 24 times for 13 completions and 92 yards.

Kolby Dean led the Eagle offense with four carries for 21 yards and Michael Poese had five carries for five yards.

Dean led the receivers with six catches for 56 yards; Poese two catches for 16 yards; Brady Sidak two catches for eight yards; Matt Wilson one catch for seven yards; and Peyton Mathews one catch for five yards.

Poese led the defense with 10 tackles; Riley Davis seven tackles; Matthew Pardun, Mathews and Sidak had six tackles each; Wilson five tackles; Dean and Clay Shaw three tackles each; Turnel Jussel, Braxton Stauffer and Brandon Hopson two tackles; and Christopher Jennings, Kendryk Hinton; Sean Gildersleeve, Jakeb Larson, John Coats, Levi Drueke, Sean Coventry, Alex Lopez, Fabian Acevedo and Landon Classen one tackle each.


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