Making the catch

O'Neill's Francisco Perez leaps for the catch at Friday's home opener against the Wayne Blue Devils. Photo by Terry Miles

The O'Neill Eagles gave it a good try last Friday evening but after a few mistakes and a safety O'Neill ended up on a tough road to stay in the game against Wayne.

The Eagles stayed tough in the match going into the half trailing by the safety 10-8.

The Eagles played slower in the second half being held out of the end zone for the third quarter as Wayne ran in a score and a two-point conversion to lead 18-8 going into the fourth. The Eagles second score of the game came in the fourth as they put up six but fell short of any extra points. Wayne racked up another 16 to seal the 20 point win.

The Eagles ran 56 plays for 12 first downs and had seven penalties for 43 yards. The Blue Devils ran 55 plays for 16 first downs and had six penalties for 40 yards.

Mason Walsh had 26 attempts for12 completions for 116 yards and two touchdowns averaging 9.7 yards.

Leading receivers for the Eagles were Keegan Moore with one catch for 34 yards, Kolby Dean three catches for 28 yards,Sean Coventry two catches for 26 yards and one touchdown, Tye Hilker one catch for 14 yards, Francisco Perez two catches for 12 yards, Spencer Davis one catch for eight yards and Matt Wilson one catch for four yards and a touchdown.

Leading rushers for the Eagles were Davis with eight carries for 33 yards, Perez three carries for 11 yards, Walsh 10 carries for nine yards, Dean one carry for four yards, Peyton Mathews one carry for four yards, Dennis Hererra one carry for two yards and Brady Sidak one carry for one yard.

Leading the Eagle defense was Davis with 15 tackles, Michael Poese and Wilson six tackles, Riley Davis five tackles, Brandon Hopson Mathews and Heydon Strope four tackles each, Perez, Tye Hilker, Dean and Dawson Winsor, Hunter McClellan and Fabian Acevedo all with two and Tanner Storjohann, Brady Sidak, Herrera and Nate Welsh one tackle each.




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