The Eagles traveled to Central City on Friday to face the Bison. The Bison trampled the Eagles beating them 53-18. The Eagles lost their chance after the first quarter trailing by only four. The Bison added 19 points in the second quarter to go into the half 33-10

The Eagles ran in eight in the third but not enough by comparison to the Bison’s 14 followed by six in the fourth to finish the job.

Central City ran 78 plays for 27 first downs and had 13 penalties for 120 yards. The Eagles ran 64 plays for 13 first downs and had nine penalties for 60 yards.

Mason Walsh threw 27 times for 12 completions for one touchdown and two interceptions.

Fabian Acevedo was the top runner for the Eagles carrying the ball 23 times for 71 yards and one touchdown and Peyton Mathews with one carry for six yards.

Landon Classen dominated the aerial game for the Eagles with three catches for 147 yards and one touchdown; Keegan Moore three for 30 yards; Levi Drueke one for 23 yards; Sean Conventry three for 19 yards; Clay Shaw one catch for 18 yards; Acevedo one catch for 17 yards and Mathews one catch for 14 yards.

The Bison kept the Eagles off balance mixing their offense from quick run a go plays which got them 181 yards on the night and four touchdowns and then switching to the air game where they threw for 394 yards and four touchdowns. Kale Jensen for the Bison threw 43 times for 29 completions.

Leading the Eagle defense was Acevedo with 12 tackles; Moore seven tackles and one interception; Mathews seven tackles each; Coventry and Classen six tackles each. Korbyn Grenier five tackles; Tra Space one field goal block and five tackles; Korbn Grenier five tackles; Shaw and Matthew Pardun three tackles each and Kendryk Hinton two tackles.


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