Brady Sidak

ONeill's Brady Sidak soars to the  bucket against Boone Central Friday, Jan. 10 at home. Photo by Terry Miles.

The O'Neill Eagles traveled to Winnebago on Tuesday, Jan. 7 to take on the Indians. The Eagles started out slow, only managing to get nine points on the board in the first quarter, while the Indians had 16 on the board at the end of the first quarter. The second quarter the Eagles did manage to add 15 points to their tally, but the Indians added 22 points. So at halftime, the Eagles trailed 24-38.

The Eagles came out tough in the third quarter putting up 13 points and holding the Indians to only adding four points. The Eagles again outscored the Indians in the fourth quarter when they added 21 to their total and the Indians only added 14 points. At the buzzer the Eagles narrowly took the win, 58-56.

Leading scorers for the Eagles were Landon Classen with 17 points, shooting 60 percent from both the three-point range and the floor, with four rebounds and one steal; Kolby Dean with 16 points, shooting 60 percent from the floor and 67 percent from the free throw line and having 10 rebounds; Michael Poese six points, six rebounds and two steals; Brady Sidak six points and five rebounds; Peyton Mathews six points, three rebounds and two steals; Andrew Alder three points and one rebound; Sean Coveentry two points, three rebounds and one steal; and Parker Heiss two points and three rebounds.

OHS 9 15 13 21 58

WHS 16 22 4 14 56

On Friday, Jan. 10 the Boone Central/Newman Grove Cardinals came to the O'Neill aviary to meet up with the Eagles. The Eagles started out strong putting 21 points on the board in the first quarter while the Cardinals trailed at 17. The tables were turned in the second quarter when the Eagles added 11 to their score but the Cardinals tacked on an additional 14 points. At halftime, the Eagles led 32-31.

The third quarter didn't change the standings as each team put an additional 16 points on the board. However the Eagles struggled in the final quarter putting up five less points than the Cardinals to narrowly take the 61-65 loss.

Leading scorers for the Eagles were Classen with an impressive 22 points, including four three-pointers, shooting 67 percent from the floor and 100 percent from the free throw line, with three rebounds and four steals: Mathews eight points, also with a three-pointer and getting four rebounds; Sidak seven points and three rebounds; Poese six points, six rebounds and two steals; Dean six points and six rebounds; Mason Walsh five points and three rebounds; Keegan Moore four points; and Alder three points, two rebounds and three steals.

OHS 21 11 16 13 61

BCNG 17 14 16 18 65


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