The O'Neill Eagles football team traveled to Pierce last Friday to face a top-five team in the Blue Jays.

The Blue Jays are 5-1 on the season, falling only to Boone Central two weeks ago knocking them off the number one seating.

The Eagles were outmatched by the Blue Jays losing 59-6.

The Eagles ran 58 total plays for 11 first downs and had two penalties for 10 yards. The Blue Jays ran 36 plays for 21 first downs and had three penalties for 25 yards.

The Blue Jays held the Eagles to 202 rushing yards. Pryor Mathews led the Eagles with 38 yards rushing, Landon Classen eight carries for 35 yards, Brady Eichelberger one carry for 33 yards and one touchdown, Fabian Acevedo 14 carries for 33 yards, Levi Drueke two carries for 33 yards and Karter Reed eight carries for 30 yards.

The Eagles had a minimal passing game with 76 yards. Walker Peter had the best catch of the night good for 68 yards followed by Drew Morrow with one catch for eight yards.

The Blue Jays ran for 352 yards of rushing and 238 yards of pass receiving on the night.

Acevedo led the Eagles defense with seven tackles, Salvador Rodriguez five tackles, Eichelberger three tackles, Maddox Hammerlun and Alex Molina two tackles each, Ryder Pokorny, Michael Mcallister, Dylan Parks, Mathews, Reese Grosch, Hadley Wrede, John Coats, Korbyn Grenier and Colton Osborne one tackle each.

The Eagles will face a 3-3 Battle Creek team in O'Neill this Friday at 7 p.m.



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