SMH District 4 State Qualifiers

St. Mary's state track qualifiers - Pictured (l-r): Faith Williamson, Abby Everitt, Grady Semin, Grant Winkelbauer and Cole Rosenkrans. Photo by Terry Miles. Williamson qualitified in the 800 meter and 1600 meter runs, Everitt in the high and long jump and 200 meter dash, Grady Semin in the 200 meter and 400 meter dash, Grant Winkelbauer 800 meter run and Cole Rosenkrans in the discus. Photo by Terry Miles

The D-4 District Track Meet was held last Friday, May 10 at Rock County High School in Bassett after being rescheduled from Wednesday, May 8 because of potential weather.

Class D had nine district meets. The rules for qualifying for the state meet in Omaha on May 17 and 18 are as follows:

• The winners of the first two places and the next six fastest times regardless of place in each individual running event will qualify for the state meet. There shall be a maximum of 24 qualifiers. If there is a tie for the last qualifying spot, none of those tied shall qualify.

• In the field events the first two places shall qualify for the state meet.

• The winners of first place in the relay events qualify for the state meet, plus the seven fastest times of the non-qualifiers regardless of place, with a maximum of 16 relay teams qualifying. If there is a tie for the last

qualifying spot, none of those tied shall qualify.

• Athletes placing first or second must have cleared 9’6” or higher to qualify in the boys’ pole vault and 6’6” or higher in the girls’ pole vault.

• Regardless of place is to mean that any competitor in an individual running event who finishes third through eighth in their respective district meet could qualify for the state meet if their time is one of the six fastest times of the non-qualifiers from all districts submitted.

• Regardless of place is to mean that any relay team who finishes second through eighth in their respective

district meet could qualify for the state meet if their time is one of the seven fastest times of the non-qualifiers from all districts submitted.

In addition to the regular state qualifiers in boys' field events, all shall qualify who equal or exceed the

following marks in Boys' 2019 NSAA District Track and Field Meets. (The qualifying marks are determined by

using the average distance/height of eighth place for the past 3 years.)

• Pole Vault12-2

• High Jump5-11

• Long Jump19-10

• Triple Jump41-2

• Shot48-0

• Discus141-2

In addition to the regular state qualifiers in girls' field events, all shall qualify who equal or exceed the following marks in Girls' 2019 NSAA District Track and Field Meets.

• Pole Vault9-0

• High Jump4-11

• Long Jump16-0

• Triple Jump34-1

• Shot36-7

• Discus109-10

The boys results are as follows:

Team Rankings

1. North Central137

2. Neligh-Oakdale106

3. Clearwater/Orchard78

4. Stuart60

5. St. Mary's56

5. Elkhorn Valley56

7. Plainview30

8. Ewing4

Shot Put

1. Jacob Long, C/O43-06.00

2. Donnie Nolze, C/O42-01.50

3. Marcus Reynolds, NC41-02.00

4. Gavyn Clause, EV39-00.00

5. Prestin Vondra, EV37-04.25

6. Lucas Hammer, PHS37-00.50

7. Andrew Walton, NC37-00.00

8. Isaiah Wiese, SM36-11.75

9. Carter Rautenberg, EV36-03.00

10. Anthony Umphress, C/O34-03.00

Discus Throw

1. Dawson Kaup, N-O141-05

2. Cole Rosenkrans, SM134-10

3. Zach Crumly, SM132-01

4. Alex Jarecke, SHS124-06

5. Gavyn Clause, EV121-01

6. Marcus Reynolds, NC120-06

7. Carter Rautenberg, EV118-11

8. Trevor Doerr, PHS118-00

9. Donnie Nolze, C/O110-01

10. Caden Reikofski, EV105-05

Long Jump

1. Byron Pfister, NC20-07.50

2. Jacob Long, C/O20-05.00

3. John Schlote, PHS19-11.00

4. Julien Hearn, N-O19-10.00

5. Hunter Howard, EV18-09.50

6. Kolton Krick, EV18-06.00

7. Colten Rystrom, EV18-03.50

8. Blake Benson, SM18-00.00

9. William Li, EHS17-08.25

10. Dolan Pospichal, NC17-07.50

High Jump

1. Jacob Long, C/O6-04

2. Austin Dvorak, SHS5-08

2. Julien Hearn, N-O5-08

2. Dallas Snyder, N-O5-08

5. Keaton Eichberger, PHS5-06

6. Braedyn Ollendick, EVJ5-06

7. Tate Thompson, SM5-04

7, Xavier Hobbs, EHS5-04

7. Brock Schaecher, EV5-04

10. Jacob Hoffman, PHS5-02

10. Carson Jones, N-O5-02

Triple Jump

1. Zak Palmer, NC42-07.75

2. Jacob Long, C/O42-06.75

3. Byron Pfister, NC41-00.00

4. Dawson Kaup, N-O38-09.50

5. Dalton Rotherham, EHS38-06.75

6. Brandon Evans, EV37-09.50

7. Reed Bennett, EV37-04.00

8. Mitchell Petersen, EV36-06.50

9. Keaton Eichberger, PHS36-02.25 

10. Sam Jesse, CWC36-01.25

4x800 Meter Relay

1. North Central9:13.84

(Zak Palmer, Brandon Mundorf, Ben Bruns, Trace Ebert)

2. Neligh-Oakdale9:24.03

(Griffin Claussen, Christian Carothers, Isaias Juarez, Ashton Higgins)

3. Clearwater/Orchard9:40.50

(Donnie Nolze, David Arroyo, Keagan Smith, Anthony Umphress)

4. Plainview9:56.36

(Devon Tunender, Scout Ashburn, Lucas Hammer, Aiden Petersen)

5. Stuart10:10.03

(Ty Thurlow, Colton Kaup, Tyler Steinhauser, Ryan Steinhauser)

6. Elkhorn Valley10:11.59

(Brandon Evans, Damian Smith, Reed Bennett, Prestin Vondra)

110 Meter Hurdles

1. Colton Munger, NC15.68

2. Kolton Needham, NC15.88

3. Braedyn Ollendick, EV15.90

4. Isaac Kurpgeweight, N-O16.07

5. Nate Christiensen, PHS16.51

6. Kaleb Pofahl, N-O17.66

7. Will Gunning, PHS19.34

100 Meter Dash

1. Houston Marino, C/O11.54

2. Colby Sehi, N-O11.68

3. Grant Pease, SHS11.74

4. Julien Hearn, N-O11.77

5. Jesse Foster, PHS11.92

6. Kolton Kriek, EV11.95

7. Wade Paxton, SHS11.98

8. Jackson Waldo, CWC12.47

400 Meter Dash

1. Trace Ebert, NC51.47

2. Wyatt Paxton, SHS51.97

3. Grady Semin, SM52.11

4. Connor Semin, SM55.31

5. Adam Miller, EV56.32

6. Paxton Smith, NC56.44

7. Connor Dempsy, N-O57.31

8. Brandon Evans, EV58.21

9. Colton Wright, EPPJ59.92

10. Payton Ebert, NC1:04.50

3200 Meter Run

1. Brandon Mundorf, NC10:46.39

2. Cole Belitz, N-O10:51.16

3. Eli Theile, C/O10:57.81

4. Hunter Bennett, EV10:58.76

5. Jaden Sobotka, PHS11:12.29

6. Brendan Bussinger, NC11:15.13

7. Keagan Mosel, PHS11:19.92

8. Griffin Claussen, N-O11:43.59

9. Cody Erickson, NC11:43.71

10. Ethan Moses, CWC12:12.63

200 Meter Dash

1. Wyatt Paxton, SHS23.57

2. Grady Semin, SM23.62

3. Houston Marino, C/O23.64

4. Byron Pfister, NC23.86

5. Hunter Howard, EV24.21

6. Kolton Krick, EV24.57

7. Blake Benson, SM24.62

8. Cole Duba, CWC24.70

800 Meter Run

1. Trace Ebert, NC2:03.26

2. Grant Winkelbauer, SM2:06.32

3. Cole Belitz, N-O2:07.68

4. Ben Bruns, NC2:08.81

5. Christian Carothers, N-O2:16.74

6. William Li, EHS2:21.00

7. David Arroyo, C/O2:23.35

8. Devon Tunender, PHS2:26.48

9. Scout Ashburn, PHS2:26.65

10. Isaias Juarez, N-O2:30.55

300 Meter Hurdles

1. Kolton Needham, NC42.47

2. Isaac Kurpgeweight, N-O42.74

3. Braedyn Ollendick, EV43.27

4. Colton Munger, NC43.98

5. Connor Semin, SM44.84

6. Dalton Rotherham, EHS45.67

7. Reed Bennett, EV46.24

8. Levi Lewis, NC46.81

9. Kaleb Pofahl, N-O47.03

10. Harley Snyder, N-O50.62

1600 Meter Run

1. Brandon Mundorf, NC4:49.46

2. Cole Belitz, N-O5:02.43

3. Ryan Steinhauser, SHS5:05.72

4. Eli Theile, C/O5:08.22

5. Jaden Sobotka, PHS5:13.09

6. Keagan Mosel, PHS5:23.81

7. Hunter Bennett, EV5:26.92

8. Colton Kaup, SHS5:39.10

9. Nathan Larson, CWC5:42.67

10. Nicklas Olson, C-K5:48.91

4x100 Meter Relay

1. Stuart45.78

(Jett Kunz, Grant Pease, Wade Paxton, Wyatt Paxton)

2. Plainview46.15

(Jesse Foster, Eli Lanham, Nate Christiensen, John Schlote)

3. St. Mary's46.96

(Blake Benson, Connor Semin, Grant Winkelbauer, Grady Semin)

4. Neligh-Oakdale47.03

(Julien Hearn, Colby Sehi, Dallas Snyder, Carson Jones)

5. Elkhorn Valley47.36

(Adam Miller, Hunter Howard, Mitchell Petersen, Kolton Krick)

6. North Central47.90

(Dolan Pospichal, Zak Palmer, Ben Bruns, Paxton Smith)

7. Ewing49.24

(William Li, Joe Hoffman, Connor Napier, Dalton Rotherham)

8. Clearwater/Orchard52.64

(Gabriel Gamez, Wyatt Chipps, Keagan Smith, Mason Hoke)

9. Cody-Kilgore53.53

(Daniel Busenitz, Caleb Wollens, Nicklas Olson, Sterling Hendrix)

4x400 Meter Relay

1. North Central3:36.67

(Ben Bruns, Byron Pfister, Kolton Needham, Trace Ebert)

2. Stuart3:41.50

(Wyatt Paxton, Grant Pease, Tyler Steinhauser, Austin Dvorak)

3. St. Mary's3:42.50

(Blake Benson, Connor Semin, Grant Winkelbauer, Grady Semin)

4. Elkhorn Valley3:51.80

(Hunter Howard, Braedyn Ollendick, Adam Miller, Brandon Evans)

5. Clearwater/Orchard3:55.12

(Houston Marino, David Arroyo, Gabriel Gamez, Anthony Umphress)

6. Neligh-Oakdale3:56.52

(Christian Carothers, Connor Dempsy, Carson Jones, Dallas Snyder)

7. Plainview4:25.22

(Devon Tunender, Keagan Mosel, Teagan Ziems, Jaden Sobotka)

Pole Vault

1. Cole Belitz, N-O13-00

2. Hunter Bennett, EV11-08

3. Adam Miller, EV11-04

4. Kaleb Pofahl, N-O10-04

5. Tate Thompson, SM10-00

6. Troy Leth, NC9-06

6. Paxton Smith, NC9-06

7. Talon Krebs, N-OJ9-06

9. Will Gunning, PHS9-00

9. Payton Ebert, NC9-00

The girls district results are as follows:Team Rankings

1. North Central102

2. Plainview84

3. Cody-Kilgore65

4. St. Mary's61

5. Elkhorn Valley59

6. Stuart41

7. Neligh-Oakdale30

7. Ewing30

9. Chambers Wheeler Cent.27

10. Elgin/Pope John22

11. Clearwater/Orchard6

Shot Put

1. Dierra Udd, NC35-04.75

2. Taylor Peter, CWC34-06.00

3. Ashley Koenig, EHS34-00.25

4. Tessa Metschke, CWC32-06.00

5. Alyssa Fehringer, SM30-11.75

6. Carlee Gleming, NC29-05.00

7. JoCee Johnston, C/O29-02.25

8. Sydnee Schaecher, EV27-09.00

9. Alyssa Maughan, EV27-03.25

10. Alyssa Burenheide, EPPJ27-02.00

Discus Throw

1. Sierra Udd, NC116-07

2. Taylor Peter, CWC110-04

3. Kenzie Barnes, C-K110-01

4. Cadence Kramer, SHS104-05

5. Ashley Koenig, EHS101-06

6. Miah Wiebelhaus, NC98-00

7. Alyssa Maughan, EV97-02

8. Hailey Rotherham, EHS89-08

9. Tessa Metschke, CWC85-11

10. Mariah Hansen, EV85-04

Long Jump

1. Caroline Akinningbagbe, PHS 16-07.50

2. Abby Everitt, SM16-06.00

3. Addison Johnson, C-K16-02.50

4. Claire Whitesel, N-O15-11.50

5. Sierra Rystrom, EV15-04.00

6. Jadyn Eby, SM14-09.00

7. Daisy Frick, NC14-08.00

8. Brenna Wagner, EHS14-04.00

9. Elle Ravenscroft, C-K13-07.75

10. Faith Kinney, EPPJ13-04.00

High Jump

1. Hunter Wiebelhaus, NC5-03

2. Abby Everitt, SM5-01

3. JoCee Johnston, C/O4-11

4. Lexi Bode, EPPJ4-10

5. Alexis Larson, EV4-08

6. Olivia Nall, EV4-06

7. Emma Boggs, N-O4-04

8. Maryssa Long, C.O4-02

8. Jadyn Eby, SM4-02

8. Amanda Dietz, N-O4-02

Triple Jump

1. Caroline Akinnigbagbe, PHS35-09.50

2. Tiana Thramer, EHS34-05.75

3. Abby Everitt, SM34-03.00

4. Lexi Bode, EPPJ31-01.75

5. Faith Kinney, EPPJ30-11.50

6. Elle Ravenscroft, C-K30-03.00

7. Bria Gale, EV30-02.00

8. Carney Black, EV29-03.50

9. Theanna Dunn, EPPJ29-02.25

10. Kambrey Smith, NC28-10.00


4x800 Meter Relay

1. North Central10:27.92

(Riley Teel, Keely Munger, Miah Wiebelhuas, Daisy Frick)

2. Plainview10:31.40

(Kaitlynn Dougherty, Kenzie Mosel, Kylie Mosel, Jade Rickard)

3. Chambers Wheeler Cent.10:53.89

(Hailey Genereux, Taylor Peter, Cheyenne Pokorny, Michelle Koenig)

4. Cody-Kilgore11:03.23

(Kenzie Barnes, Fayth From, Emmalea Olson, Bentley Jenkins)

5. Elkhorn Valley11:36.20

(Carney Black, Erica Bacon, Kim Frey, Olivia Nall)

6. Neligh-Oakdale11:43.13

(Kristen Snodgrass, Haley Kerkman, Brooke Frey, Emma Bixler)

7. Stuart11:59.52

(Emma Alder, Grace Alder, Ashlyn Kaup, Lainey Paxton)

100 Meter Hurdles

1. Caroline Akinnigbaegbe, PHS15.99

2. Hannah Ollendick, EV17.03

3. Tehya From, C-K17.21

4. Destiny Rickard, PHS17.60

5. Hayley Greger-Miller, PHS17.75

6. Trinity Krupgeweit, N-O18.21

7. Jenna Hallock, NC18.51

8. Brenna Wagner, EHS19.13

100 Meter Dash

1. Addison Johnson, C-K12.99

2. Jillian Buell, NC13.05

3. Reaghan Engel, SHS13.06

4. Elle Ravenscroft, C-K13.53

5. Jenna Hallock, NC13.68

6. Sierra Rystrom, EV13.91

7. Cheyenne Pokorny, CWC14.06

8. Destiny Rickard, PHS14.16

400 Meter Dash

1. Hunter Wiebelhaus, NC1:01.42

2. Reaghan Engel, SHS1:01.91

3. Lexi Schroder, SHS1:06.58

4. Haley Zegers, EPPJ1:06.80

5. Kasey Teel, NC1:07.64

6. Alexis Larson, EV1:09.11

7. Theanna Dunn, EPPJ1:09.34

8. Brooke Ehlers, CWC1:09.86

9. Sybil Scofield, SM1:11.21

10. Lainey Paxton, SHS1:12.41

3200 Meter Run

1. Jade Rickard, PHS12:35.05

2. Emma Bixler, N-O12:39.25

3. Emmalea Olson, C-K12:44.42

4. Kira Dickau, SHS13:11.27

5. Brittani Gutz, PHS13:32.85

6. Brooklyn Kumm, PHS13:33.27

7. Katilynn Kaup, SHS13:36.92

8. Taylor Hasebroock, EV15:22.08

9. Alexa Shald, SM15:52.41

200 Meter Dash

1. Abby Everitt, SM26.69

2. Reaghan Engel, SHS27.16

3. Jillian Buell, NC27.30

4. Tehya From, C-K28.29

5. Theanna Dunn, EPPJ28.66

6. Brooke Ehlers, CWC29.35

7. Lexi Schroder, SHS29.41

8. Cheyenne Pokorny, CWC29.75

800 Meter Run

1. Faith Williamson, SM2:25.87

2. Fayth From, C-K2:33.43

3. Riley Teel, NC2:39.06

4. Kenzie Mosel, PHS2:39.60

5. Rebecca Frick, NC2:39.62

6. Bentley Jenkins, C-K2:39.67

7. Hailey Genereux, CWC2:40.83

8. Daisy Frick, NC2:40.91

9. Kaci Wickersham, C/O2:43.46

10. Kaitlynn Dougherty, PHS2:43.96

300 Meter Hurdles

1. Sidney Stalbaum, EHS50.21

2. Hannah Ollendick, EV50.59

3. Carney Black, EV51.06

4. Caroline Akinnigbagbe, PHS51.22

5. Claire Whitesel, N-O52.26

6. Hayley Greger-Miller, PHS55.13

7. Jenna Hallock, NC55.15

8. Sybil Scofield, SM55.51

9. Haley Fleetwood, EV55.91

10. Adyson Linse, NC56.91

1600 Meter Run

1. Faith Williamson, SM5:50.47

2. Jade Rickard, PHS5:54.71

3. Emma Bixler, N-O5:56.60

4. Kira Dickau, SHS6:02.46

5. Daisy Frick, NC6:07.73

6. Emmalea Olson, C-K6:13.66

7. Kenzie Barnes, C-K6:23.12

8. Katilynn Kaup, SHS6:25.66

9. Kaci Wickersham, C/O6:28.41

10. Brittani Gutz, PHS6:29.20

4x100 Meter Relay

1. North Central52.52

(Keely Munger, Jillian Buell, Miah Wiebelhaus, Hunter Wiebelhaus)

2. Cody-Kilgore53.14

(Elle Ravenscroft, Tehya From, Abi Donner, Addison Johnson)

3. Elkhorn Valley54.31

(Bria Gale, Amber Miller, Hannah Ollendick, Sierra Rystrom)

4. Ewing 54.82

(Miranda Summers, Tiana Thramer, Jaidyn Schindler, Summer Schroeder)

5. Neligh-Oakdale55.84

(Trinity Kurpgeweit, Kristen Snodgrass, Paige Furstenau, Claire Whitesel)

6. Plainview56.68

(Grace Hoffman, Kylie Mosel, Destiny Rickard, Jade Rickard)

7. St. Mary's58.11

(Sybil Scofield, Katie Pongratz, Faith Williamson, Jadyn Eby)

8. Clearwater/Orchard1:00.47

(Melany Mendoza, Lizett Marino, Maryssa Long, Morgan Erhardt)

4x400 Meter Relay

1. North Central4:23.21

(Keely Munger, Jillian Buell, Miah Wiebelhaus, Hunter Wiebelhaus)

2. Plainview4:34.94

(Kaitlynn Dougherty, Grace Hoffman, Kylie Mosel, Kenzie Mosel)

3. Elgin/Pope John4:38.40

(Theanna dunn, Lexi Bode, Kirsten Krebs, Haley Zegers)

4. Elkhorn Valley4:41.12

(Carney Black, Amber Miller, Hannah Ollendick, Sierra Rystrom)

5. Neligh-Oakdale4:46.76

(Paige Furstenau, Emma Boggs, Hannah Schrader, Brooke Frey)

6. Stuart4:49.77

(Lainey Paxton, Lexi Schroder, Kira Dickau, Taya Schmaderer)

7. Chambers Wheeler Cent.4:52.01

(Rachel Dierks, Tessa Metschke, Kaddisy Hoerle, Brooke Ehlers)

Pole Vault

1. Amber Miller, EV9-00

2. Olivia Nall, EV8-00

3. Katie Pongratz, SMJ8-00

4. Paige Furstenau, N-O7-08

5. Brielle Bussinger, NC7-04

6. Grace Hoffman, PHSJ7-04

7. Jozlyn Anderson, PHS6-06

7. Hayley Greger-Miller, PHS6-06

9. Alisha Larson, EV6-00




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