Clearwater, Ewing and Orchard high schools have formed a sports cooperative in all junior high and high school sports, with the exception of high school football, starting in the 2019-20 school year.

The three school boards previously had approved the coop agreement and Thursday night officially approved the new name, mascot and colors. The three-school coop will be known as the Summerland Bobcats with school colors of Carolina blue, black, and silver.

Summerland is the name of the golf course that is located between the three communities and was developed 27 years ago with support from the communities and people of Clearwater, Ewing, Page, Royal and Orchard. Summerland Dance Hall was previously located in the area and was a big local dance pavilion back in the 1950s.

Head coaches for the Summerland Bobcats have been named in the following varsity sports:

Volleyball: Suz Funk

Girls & Boys Cross Country: Jamie Turpin

Boys Basketball: Brett Kaczor

Girls Basketball: Greg Appleby

Wrestling: Dan Roeber

Girls Track & Field: Shannon Schumacher

Boys Track & Field: Jackson Medina

Boys Golf: Bill Tabbert

Athletic directors will be Shelly Mlnarik, Clearwater; Greg Appleby, Ewing; and Jim Schutt, Orchard.

For the 2019 football season, the second year of the two-year football cycle, Clearwater and Orchard will be the O/C Cyclones and Ewing will be with Chambers and Wheeler Central as the CWCE Renegades. 


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