The St. Mary's Cardinals traveled to the Nebraska State Basketball Tourney last week and despite the challenge the Cards came back with fourth place hardware.

The Cards advancing one more game then the previous year when they fell to Mullen 52-49.

The Cards first challenge at state was a win against the Osceola Bulldogs 62-50.

The Cards pulled ahead in the second quarter of the game tieing at the end of the first quarter at nine. The Cards fast paced offense put up seven more than the bulldogs to lead 22-15.

The Cards kept the seven point lead in the third and put up one more to lead by eight going into the fourth.

The Bulldogs could not keep pace and were eliminated from the tourney.

Aidan Hedstrom led the Cards with 21 points, shooting 83 percent of his two pointers and 73 percent from the charity stripe, two rebounds and two steals; Connor Semin 12 points, and three for three in the two point range and 75 percent of his free throws and five rebounds; Tate Thompson 11 points, six rebounds and two steals;

Adam Everitt eight points and seven rebounds; Blake Benson three points and one steal; and Issac Everitt three points and two steals.

SMH 9 13 14 26 62

OHS 9 6 13 22 50

On Thursday the Cards faced Parkview Christian of Lincoln. The Cards gave it their best effort but came short losing 62-53.

The Patriots scored 10 unanswered points with the Cards throwing up blanks until Thompson put the Cards on the boards. The Cards struggled to put up points and with three minutes on the board the Cards trailed 15-5.

At the end of the first the Cards trailed 21-8.

The Cards had more of the same trouble in the second quarter as the Cards were overwhelmed by some of the Patriots talent which kept them from keeping the Patriots off the boards and the Cards trailed 31-14 at the half.

The Cards came out the half with vigor as they tried to dig out the whole they were in putting up 21 points to the Patriots 11 and bring the Cards within seven at the end of the third. 42-35.

Both squads got into foul concerns in the fourth with Adam Everitt taking on five and Hedstrom with four limiting play. The Patriots key players took their lumps with Keshawn Moore, Mark Lual and Jaheim Curry taking four fouls.

The Cards couldn't get the win and set them on the path to battle for third against St. Francis on Friday.

Hedstrom led the Cards with 17 points and three rebounds; Semin 11 points and eight rebounds; Adam Everitt eight points and nine rebounds ; Tate Thompson 11 points; Blake Benson and Issac Everitt three points each.

SMH 8 6 21 18 53

PVK 21 10 11 20 62

On Friday the Cards battled for third but didn't make it taking home fourth place hardware with a 56-39 loss to the Humphy St. Francis Flyers.

The Cards started off much like the previous day with the Flyers putting up 35 to the Cards 18. The Cards didn't seem to have the gumption of their previous matches and continued their play the rest of the match trailing at the half by 17.

The Cards put their season to rest with a 23-4 season and a fourth place.

The Cards will lose only one senior to graduation this year with Connor Semin. The Cards should return next season with a strong showing and another chance at making it to Lincoln.

SMH 9 9 8 13 39

HSF 24 11 13 8 56


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