The St. Mary’s Cardinals have definitely proved themselves this past week with a win over the undefeated Creighton Bulldogs. Both squads went into the match undefeated, and the Cards came out the other end with a solid win. The Bulldogs, who have built a reputation as a solid team in the last few years, held to the claim keeping pace the entire game and never letting the Cards drop their guard, forcing them to play all four quarters down to the last few minutes holding the Bulldogs out of range of a victory.

“I knew it was going to be a slobber knocker before we got here said Coach Tony Allen, Creighton is always a formidable opponent and they always play tough. I was hoping we would have the energy to finish this win. I think that Grant Winkelbauer getting hurt was a considerable disadvantage to us and the score would have reflected him being able to play more than just the first quarter. Winkelbauer was taken out after an injury in the middle of the first quarter.

Aidan Hedstrom and the rest of the Cardinal team stepped up to fill in the holes left by Winkelbauer. Dalton Alder and Conner Semin both upped their play on the field. Hedstrom run 26 times for 201 yards and had three touchdowns and racked up 234 total yards on the day; Dalton Alder carried the ball five times for 32 yards; Tate Thompson eight carries for 15 yards and Semin carried once for 13 yards.

Semin had a 19-yard touchdown catch and then caught the two-point conversion after the fact; Issac Everitt two catches for eight yards and Thompson one catch for six yards. Issac Everitt caught a two-point conversion from Hedstrom in the second quarter after a 43-yard touchdown by Hedstrom.

Semin, Charles Barlow and Adam Everitt performed well on defense. Each with 16 tackles, Barlow had one interception; Isaiah Weise had 11 tackles; Hedstrom 10 tackles; Tate Thompson six tackles and one interception; Alder five and Winkelbauer three.

The Bulldogs will face Summerland and the Cards will play host to the 3-2 Bloomfield Bees on Friday, Oct. 9.


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