The St. Mary's Cardinal Cards hosted the Anselmo/Merna Coyotes last Saturday in their first game since the winter break. The Cards had little trouble with the Coyotes in their 40 point 82-42 win at home.

The Cards ran their fast paced game and racked up 13 unanswered points in the first quarter. The Coyotes hit very little of their shots and the six points they put in proved the point.

The second quarter was just as brutal to watch as the Cards put up 30 in the second to the Coyotes 14. St. Mary's led 49-20 at the half.

The Cards continued their offense until the fourth with most players seeing some time on the court.

Aidan Hedstrom led the Cards with 21 points, shooting 63 percent from the inside and 92 percent from the charity stripe hitting 11 of 12 shots; Hedstrom had four rebounds and three steals on then night; Blake Benson had 17 points, shooting 40 percent in three pointers and 83 percent inside, Benson had one steal; Adam Everitt 14 points, five rebounds and two steals; Isaiah Wiese 10 points and two rebounds; Connor Semin nine points, four rebounds and four steals; Issac Everitt six points, two rebounds and one steal; Tate Thompson three points, two rebounds and five steals; and Charles Barlow two points and six rebounds.

The Cards will face Summerland on Thursday, Jan. 14 and then host CWC on Saturday, Jan. 16. The Cards have lost only one game to Archbishop Bergan on Dec. 5.

SMH 19 30 20 13 82

A/M 6 14 15 7 42


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