Issac Everitt

St. Mary's Issac Everitt heads toward the goal on Friday, September 11. Photo Terry Miles

The St. Mary’s Cardinals traveled to Walthill on Friday afternoon for a tumble on the grid-iron which saw the Cards walk away with a 64-24 win over the Bluejays.

Grant Winkelbauer struck first for the Cards on a seven yard touchdown and running in the two point conversion. Aidan Hedstrom struck next on a 21 yard run with Tate Thompson catching the two point conversion. Walthills only touchdown came on a 76 yard kick return with a two point conversion to give the Blue Jays eight on the board. Winklebauer ran in a 13 yard touchdown with Hedstrom hitting Thompson for the two point conversion. Thompson ran in a 35 yard touchdown followed by Hedstrom running in the conversion to give the Cards 32 points for the first quarter.

The second quarter saw Winkelbauer score on a 31 yard touchdown; Dalton Alder a four yard touchdown and Issac Everitt a seven yard touchdown run. The Cards led at the half 56-8.

Walthill made the only score of the third on a 37 yard touchdown pass from Lovejoy to WhiteEyes. The fourth quarter saw Lovejoy score for the Bluejays on a 61 yard touchdown and Alder scored again for the Cardinals on a 16 yard touchdown run for the Cards.

The Cards ran 34 plays and 13 firs downs while having only two penalties for 10 yards. Walthill ran 40 plays and had seven first downs while taking four penalties for 25 yards.

Issac Everitt led the Cardinals with seven carries for 33 yards and one touchdown and Hedstrom one carries for 21 yards and one touchdown.

Alder led the Cardinals in rushing with 12 carries for 89 yards and two touchdowns; Winkelbauer five carries for 87 yards and three touchdowns; Thompson four carries for 68 yards and one touchdown; Issac Everitt seven carries for 33 yards and one touchdown; Hedstrom one carry for 21 yards and one touchdown; Carson Danningbring two carries for six yards; Joesph Weise two carries for four yards and Kyle Pribil two carries for a yard.

Leading the Cardinal defense was Adam Everitt and Winkelbauer with 11 tackles each; Isaiah Wiese seven tackles; Charles Barlow six tackles; Issac Everitt five tackles; Alder and Dannenbring three tackles each; Hedstrom, Joesph Wiese and Thompson two tackles; and Kyle Pribil, Sam Barlow, Andrew Koehlmoos and Wyatt Scofield one tackle each.


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