Gabe Pribil

St. Mary's Gabe Pribil makes a run for yardage in last Friday's game against Bloomfield. Photo by Christina Spader

The St. Mary's Cardinals felt the sting of their first loss to the hands of the Bloomfield Bees in a 56-26 loss last Friday, Sept. 6 at home.

The Cards matched the Bees in the first quarter scoring. The Bees got on the board first when Logan Johnson ran in an 11-yard touchdown and then Johnson ran in the two-point conversion to put the Bees up by eight. The Cardinals matched the Bees when Tate Thompson ran in a 16-yard touchdown run and Gabe Pribil ran in the conversion to tie the score for the first quarter. 

The Bees took off in the second quarter with three running touchdowns all by Johnson. The Cards got into the end zone on a 41-yard touchdown by Pribil with no conversion the Cards trailed 26-14 at the half.

In the third quarter the Bees scored with 5:31 on the clock on another Johnson touchdown to give Bloomfield a 34- 14 lead. Thompson hit Grant Winkelbauer with 2:41 left in the quarter for a 15-yard touchdown.

The Bees continued to put the hurt on the Cards in the fourth scoring three more times. Johnson again carrying the Bees scored on an 11-yard and 54-yard touchdown run and a 41-yard interception for a touchdown. The Cards gave the Bees a small surprise for their only score of the fourth on a 68-yard touchdown from a kickoff return.

The Bees ran 55 plays with 19 first downs and had six penalties for 45 yards. The Cardinals ran 52 plays for 13 first downs and had two penalties for 10 yards.

Thomspon lead the Cardinals due to Aidan Hedstrom being injured in the first game. Thompson had 16 attempts with nine completions and one touchdown.

Leading rushers for the Cardinals were Pribil with three carries for 41 yards and one touchdown; Winkelbauer 14 carries for 23 yards; Thompson 17 carries for 12 yards and one touchdown and Dalton Alder two carries for one yard.

Leading the receivers were Winkelbauer with two catches for 45 yards, Pribil with four catches for 40 yards, Ethan Shoemaker two receptions for 34 yards and Alder one catch for 28 yards.




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