The St. Mary's Cardinals got their second win with a tough 38-23 win over the Summerland Bobcats in O'Neill on Friday afternoon.

The Bobcats jumped to a seven-point lead when Kendrick Schroder ran in a seven-yard touchdown to give Summerland a six-point lead after the PAT was denied by the Cardinal defense.

Aidan Hedstrom took the Cardinal offense down the field and ran in a six-yard touchdown followed by a pass to Joe Wiese for the two-point conversion to give the Cards a two-point lead.

Trevor Thompson, the play maker for the Bobcats with 194 yards rushing, scored the last touchdown of the quarter on a 56-yard touchdown run with Schroder taking in the two-point conversion. The Bobcats led the Cards 14-8 at the end of the quarter.

The Bobcats hit the Cards again when Thompson ran in a 37-yard touchdown run for another six with the conversion denied. Summerland led 20-8 before Hedstrom threw a 22-yard touchdown pass to Issac Everitt and with the conversion by Hedstrom, the Cards were down 20-16 at the half.

The Cardinals adjusted their defense and put some fire in the offensive line of the Cards as St. Mary's kept the Bobcats off the board in the third and scored twice to take the lead. Hedstrom had a 22-yard touchdown run and scored the conversion to lead 24-20.

Summerland's offense was shut down, keeping Thompson's running profile at a minimum and allowing the Bobcats to get into field goal range where Gabriel Mendoza punched in three points for the Bobcats. The Cards only scored once in the fourth on a short pass from Hedstrom to Dalton Alder and then a conversion pass to Everitt to seal the win for the Cards.

Summerland ran 52 plays, 14 first downs and had five penalties for 40 yards of loss. The Cards ran 56 plays for 22 first downs and had eight penalties for 53 yards.

Trevor Thompson led the Bobcats with 24 carries for 194 yards and two touchdowns, Mason Hoke eight carries for 29 yards, and Schroder 10 carries for 37 yards and one touchdown.

Hedstrom led the Cardinals with 17 carries for 121 yards and two touchdowns, Gabe Pribil nine carries for 74 yards and Tate Thompson 14 carries for 59 yards and one touchdown.

Levi Cronk led the Bobcats in receiving with one cat for 23 yards, Ty Rix one catch for 11 yards and Thompson one catch for nine yards.

Issac Everitt led the Cards with three catches for 48 yards and one touchdown, Gabe Pribil one catch for 36 yards, Thompson one catch for 13 yards, and Alder one catch for one yard and one touchdown.

Leading the Cardinal defense were Adam Everitt 15 tackles, Hedstrom 15 tackles, Thompson 13 tackles, Charles Barlow 10 tackles and one punt block, Issac Everitt nine tackles, Wyatt Scofield six tackles, Andrew Koehlmoos, Alder and Gabe Pribil three tackles each, and Jace Rosenkrans one tackle.

Logan Muller led the Bobcats with 15 tackles, Colton Thiele 14 tackles, Rix 10 tackles, Thompson nine tackles, Dillon Moser 10 tackles, Alec Schindler eight tackles, Joe Ahlers seven tackles, Cronk seven tackles, Schroder six tackles, Gabriel Gamez four tackles, David Arroyo two tackles, and Keaton Thiele and Anthony Ferris one tackle each.


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