St. Marys against Creighton

St. Mary's Adam Everitt (21) drives to the bucket against a tough Creighton defense on Tuesday, Jan. 28.  

The St. Mary's Cardinals got to stay home this past week, playing host to the Creighton Bulldogs and the Stuart Broncos.

On Tuesday, Jan. 28 the Bulldogs came to O'Neill to play the Cardinals. The Cardinals struck in the first quarter, starting with 12 points on the board with the Bulldogs only getting two points. The second quarter was low scoring with the Bulldogs only adding seven points and the Cardinals a mere five. The Cardinals were leading 17-9 at the half.

The third quarter was a little higher scoring with the Bulldogs tacking on 19 more points and the Cardinals right behind with 17 additional points. The fourth quarter the Bulldogs managed to hold the Cardinals to six points, and with 12 point to add to their total, tied it up at the buzzer, 40 apiece.

In overtime, it was all Cardinals with the Cardinals getting seven points and the Bulldogs unable to get any. At the buzzer the Cardinals celebrated a 47-40 win.

Leading players for the Cardinals were Adam Everitt with 17 points, shooting 70 percent from the free throw line, with six rebounds and one steal; Aidan Hedstrom 16 points, shooting 100 percent at the free throw stripe with five rebounds and one steal; Connor Semin seven points and nine rebounds; Tate Thompson three points, 13 rebounds and two steals; Grant Winkelbauer two points and four rebounds; and Ethan Shoemaker two points and one rebound.

SMH 12 5 17 6 7 47

CHS 11 1 7 9 0 28

On Thursday, Jan. 30, the Cardinals hosted the Stuart Broncos. This game started out pretty close with the Broncos getting 12 points on the board in the first quarter and the Cardinals right behind with 10 points. The second quarter the Broncos again put 12 points up and the Cardinals put up 17. At the half, the Cardinals led by three, 27-24.

The third quarter the Cardinals lengthened the lead when they put up 19 points to the Broncos' 14. In the final quarter, the Cardinals added 16 points to their total and held the Broncos to just half of that with eight points to add to their score. At the buzzer the Cardinals had the 62-46 lead.

Leading the Cardinals were Semin with 19 points, shooting 75 percent from the three-point range, 57 percent at the free throw line, having nine rebounds and one steal; Hedstrom 16 points, shooting 57 percent from the free throw stripe, with five rebounds and five steals; Blake Benson 13 points, shooting 80 percent in the three-point range, 50 percent at the free throw line and getting two rebounds; Everitt five points, four rebounds and two steals; Thompson five points, three rebounds and five steals; Isaiah Wiese two points and two rebounds; and Charles Barlow two points and one rebound.

Leading the Broncos were Ryan Steinhauser with 20 points and seven rebounds; Wade Paxton 11 points, six assists and six steals; Cameron Sattler eight points and four rebounds; and Tyler Steinhauser with three points, eight rebounds and five assists.

SMH 10 17 19 16 62

SHS 12 12 14 8 46

The Broncos' coach stated, " The boys did some solid things offensively against a good 1-3-1 defense. Our passing improved and we are gaining better understanding of our

offense. We are still battling streaks each half where we have consecutive bad possessions. I really appreciate how the boys come to work each day and want to get better."


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